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Calcium cyanamide

CAS No.156-62-7
Chemical Name:Calcium cyanamide
Molecular Formula:CCaN2
Formula Weight:80.1
MOL File:156-62-7.mol
Calcium cyanamide Property
Melting point : >300 °C(lit.)
density : 2.29
Sensitive : Moisture Sensitive
Merck : 1662
CAS DataBase Reference: 156-62-7(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System: Cyanamide, calcium salt (1:1)(156-62-7)
Hazard Codes : Xn,F
Risk Statements : 22-37-41-15-43-37/38
Safety Statements : 26-39-43-36/37/39-22-45-28
RIDADR : UN 1403 4.3/PG 3
WGK Germany : 2
RTECS : GS6000000
F : 9-21
TSCA : Yes
HazardClass : 4.3
PackingGroup : III
Hazardous Substances Data: 156-62-7(Hazardous Substances Data)

Calcium cyanamide Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

ChEBI: The calcium salt of cyanamide, formed when calcium carbide reacts with nitrogen
General Description
A colorless to gray, odorless solid. May cause illness from ingestion. May irritate the skin. If exposed to water or high temperatures, calcium cyanamide may generate toxic and flammable fumes. Used to make pesticides and in fertilizers.
Air & Water Reactions
Depending on the calcium carbide content, the cyanamide reacts with water (moisture from air or soil) to produce acetylene and hydrated calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide. Absorption of water during handling or storage of technical calcium cyanamide may cause explosion [Pieri, M. Chem. Abs. 46, 8335 1952].
Reactivity Profile
When hydrated CALCIUM CARBIDE generates salts of calcium that are basic and are generally soluble in water. The resulting solutions contain moderate concentrations of hydroxide ions and have pH's greater than 7.0. They react as bases to neutralize acids. These neutralizations generate heat, but less or far less than is generated by neutralization of the bases in reactivity group 10 (Bases) and the neutralization of amines. They usually do not react as either oxidizing agents or reducing agents but such behavior is not impossible.
Health Hazard
Inhalation or contact with vapors, substance or decomposition products may cause severe injury or death. May produce corrosive solutions on contact with water. Fire will produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases. Runoff from fire control may cause pollution.
Fire Hazard
Produce flammable gases on contact with water. May ignite on contact with water or moist air. Some react vigorously or explosively on contact with water. May be ignited by heat, sparks or flames. May re-ignite after fire is extinguished. Some are transported in highly flammable liquids. Runoff may create fire or explosion hazard.
Calcium cyanamide Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials
CARBON MONOXIDE Nitrogen Calcium fluoride Calcium carbide
Preparation Products
Midinyanglin Methylcyanocarbamate Dicyanodiamide N-Cyanoimido-S,S-dimethyl-dithiocarbonate Black cyanide guanidine Aminoguanidine bicarbonate Carbendazim 1,1-DIMETHYLGUANIDINE SULFATE 4-AMINO-2-METHOXYPYRIMIDINE-5-CARBONITRILE AMINOGUANIDINE CARBONATE Hexazinone Pirimiphos-methyl Thiourea dioxide Dibutylamine Guanidine nitrate Cyanamide Aminoguanidinium sulphate Thiocarbamide
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