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CAS No.123-51-3
Chemical Name:3-Methyl-1-butanol
Synonyms:Isoamylol;FEMA 2057;FUSEL OIL;ISOPENTANOL;alcoolamilico;ios-Pentanol ;Methyl-1-buta;3-methylbutan-;Alcool amilico;amylowyalkohol
Molecular Formula:C5H12O
Formula Weight:88.15
MOL File:123-51-3.mol
3-Methyl-1-butanol Property
mp : -117 °C
bp : 131-132 °C
density : 0.809 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
vapor density : 3 (vs air)
vapor pressure : 2 mm Hg ( 20 °C)
refractive index : n20/D 1.407
FEMA : 2057
Fp : 109.4 °F
storage temp. : Flammables area
color : <20(APHA)
Water Solubility : 25 g/L (20 ºC)
Merck : 14,5195
BRN : 1718835
Stability:: Stable. Flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides.
CAS DataBase Reference: 123-51-3(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference: 1-Butanol, 3-methyl-(123-51-3)
EPA Substance Registry System: 1-Butanol, 3-methyl-(123-51-3)
Hazard Codes : Xn
Risk Statements : 10-20-37-66-20/22-R20/22-R10
Safety Statements : 46-16-S16
RIDADR : UN 1105 3/PG 3
WGK Germany : 1
RTECS : EL5425000
HazardClass : 3
PackingGroup : II
HS Code : 29335995
Hazardous Substances Data: 123-51-3(Hazardous Substances Data)

3-Methyl-1-butanol Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

Chemical Properties
colourless liquid
Isoamylol is one of the several isomers of amyl alcohol and the main ingredient in the production of banana oil.
General Description
Colorless liquid with a mild, choking alcohol odor. Less dense than water, soluble in water. Hence floats on water. Produces an irritating vapor.
Air & Water Reactions
Highly flammable. Water soluble.
Reactivity Profile
3-Methyl-1-butanol attacks plastics [Handling Chemicals Safely, 1980. p. 236]. Mixtures with concentrated sulfuric acid and strong hydrogen peroxide may cause explosions. Mixing with hypochlorous acid in water or water/carbon tetrachloride solution can generate isoamyl hypochlorites, which may explode, particularly on exposure to sunlight or heat. Mixing with chlorine would also yield isoamyl hypochlorites [NFPA 491 M, 1991]. Base-catalysed reactions with isocyanates can occur with explosive violence [Wischmeyer,1969].
Health Hazard
Very high vapor concentrations irritate eyes and upper respiratory tract. Continued contact with skin may cause irritation.
3-Methyl-1-butanol Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials
PEPPERMINT AlcoholMixture D-(+)-Maltose monohydrate Pentane Vanillin FUSEL OIL
Preparation Products
Isovaleraldehyde Isoamyl butyrate Isopentyl phenylacetate Diethyl isoamylmalonate Lobenzarit Ethopabate Norfloxacin Isopentyl formate Isoamyl nitrite N,N'-DICYCLOHEXYLUREA Ethyl 2-(4-hydroxypiperidin-1-yl)-6-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidine-4-carboxylate Ethyl 2-(4-(ethoxycarbonyl)piperidin-1-yl)-6-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidine-4-carboxylate Bromisoval Pimelic acid Ethyl 2-(4-(hydroxymethyl)piperidin-1-yl)-6-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidine-4-carboxylate ACETOACETIC ACID ISOAMYL ESTER Buprofezin Diethyl ethyl(isoamyl)malonate Calcitonin Pinacolone Allyl (3-methylbutoxy)acetate 2-Bromo-3-methylbutanoyl bromide Amyl salicylate 2-(4-Hydroxypiperidin-1-yl)-6-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidine-4-carboxamide GALLIC ACID ISOAMYL ESTER Isoamyl benzoate Sodium isoamylxanthate Isopentyl isobutyrate FEMA 2080 2-(4-(Hydroxymethyl)piperidin-1-yl)-6-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidine-4-carboxamide N,N-Diethyl-4-nitrosoaniline Isoamyl acetate 3-Methylbutyl 3-methylbutanoate pinacolone,tert-butyl methy1 ketone,3,3-dimethyl-2-butyl ketone 1-(4-(Hydroxymethyl)-6-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidin-2-yl)piperidin-4-ol Isovaleric acid 1,3-BENZODITHIOLYLIUM TETRAFLUOROBORATE Isoamyl propionate (1-(4-(Hydroxymethyl)-6-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidin-2-yl)piperidin-4-yl)methanol 1-Bromo-3-methylbutane
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