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Chemical Name: SURFACTANT
Synonyms: PAT WET 70;SURFACTANT;Tomadol 1-9;Exfie UDA-50;as surfactant;Surfonic L-12 6;Bio-Terge AS-40 CG-PN
CBNumber: CB8943303
Molecular Formula: C13H27SO3Na;C17H35SO3Na
Formula Weight: 0
MOL File: Mol file

SURFACTANT Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

SURFACTANT Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials
ETHYLENE OXIDE Raw oil Alkanes C6-C19 Kit Propylene oxide
Preparation Products
Phosphatizing agent Deinking agent for paper Inhibitor Metal cleaner Polyurethane foams Synthetic detergent Calcium carbonate Antiscale and inhibitor Chemical fiber oil Benazolin Desulfurizer,high efficiency Anti-blocking agent for compound fertilizer Glyphosate Water treatment disinfectant Dehydration antirust oil Grey water antiscale Super effect deoil agent Cleaning agent Oil slurry antiscale
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Supplier Tel Fax Email Country ProdList Advantage
AURORA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. +86 532 68629711 137 8060 5697
+86 532 68629713 China 89 58
JinJinLe Chemical 10106090 China 9621 58
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Tomadol 1-9 SURFACTANT as surfactant C13H27SO3NaC17H35SO3Na Bio-Terge AS-40 CG-PN Exfie UDA-50 PAT WET 70 Surfonic L-12 6
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