FMoc-Val-Cit-PAB——Storage and operation

Feb 25,2020

Figure 1. Structural formula of FMoc-Val-Cit-PAB

The full name of Fmoc-Val-Cit-PAB is (9H-fluoren-9-yl) methyl ((S) -1-(((S) -1-((4- (hydroxymethyl) phenyl) amino)-1-oxo-5-ureidopentan-2-yl) amino) -3-methyl -1-oxobutan-2-yl) carbamate, the molecular formula is C33H39N5O6, and the exact molecular weight is 601.6692668199539. Its Catalog No. is HY-19318 and CAS No. is 159858-22-7. It is a compound that deteriorates easily, so storage conditions are strict. Keep container tightly sealed in cool, well-ventilated area. Keep away from direct sunlight and sources of ignition. Generally, it needs to be stored in a 4 degree refrigerator freezer and stored under a nitrogen atmosphere. If it is dissolved, the storage conditions in the solution are more stringent. Under nitrogen environment, if the temperature is -20 degrees, it can only be stored for one month; even at -80 degrees, it can only be stored for 6 months. Shipping at room temperature if less than 2 weeks.

Keep caution when using FMoc-Val-Cit-PAB. The following describes several first aid measures if you accidentally get hurt by it.

Eye contact: Remove any contact lenses, locate eye-wash station, and flush eyes immediately with large amounts of water. Separate eyelids with fingers to ensure adequate flushing. Promptly call a physician.

Skin contact: Rinse skin thoroughly with large amounts of water. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes and call a physician.

Inhalation: Immediately relocate self or casualty to fresh air. If breathing is difficult, give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Avoid mouth -to-mouth resuscitation.

Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water; Do NOT induce vomiting; call a physician.


Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures: Use full personal protective equipment. Avoid breathing vapors, mist, dust or gas. Ensure adequate ventilation. Evacuate personnel to safe areas.

Environmental precautions: Try to prevent further leakage or spillage. Keep the product away from drains or water courses.

Methods and materials for containment and cleaning up: Absorb solutions with finely-powdered liquid-binding material (diatomite, universal binders); Decontaminate surfaces and equipment by scrubbing with alcohol.

The following are several types of personal protection equipment:

Eye protection: Safety goggles with side-shields.

Hand protection: Protective gloves.

Skin and body protection: Impervious clothing.

Respiratory protection: Suitable respirator.

Environmental exposure controls: Keep the product away from drains, water courses or the soil. Clean spillages in a safe way as soon as possible.

Fmoc-Val-Cit-PAB is a commonly used bridge for a degradable antibody-conjugated drug (ADC). As we all know, biodegradable substances have good biocompatibility in general and are friendly to the human body due to their non-toxic properties. They are a popular class of substances in drug design and synthesis, and it has been widely used in biomedical applications.



[2] CN107583058 (A) - T-2 toxin-antibody conjugate and application thereof

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