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Folsure Produkt Beschreibung

Englisch Name:Folic acid
Folsure physikalisch-chemischer Eigenschaften
Schmelzpunkt:: 250 °C
alpha : 20 º (c=1, 0.1N NaOH)
Siedepunkt:: 552.35°C (rough estimate)
Dichte: 1.4704 (rough estimate)
Brechungsindex: 1.6800 (estimate)
storage temp. : 2-8°C
Löslichkeit: boiling water: soluble1%
Aggregatzustand: Crystalline Powder
pka: pKa 2.5 (Uncertain)
Farbe: Yellow to orange
Wasserlöslichkeit: 1.6 mg/L (25 ºC)
Merck : 14,4221
BRN : 100781
Stabilität:: Stable. Incompatible with heavy metal ions, strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents. Solutions may be light and heat sensitive.
CAS Datenbank: 59-30-3(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST chemische Informationen: Folic acid(59-30-3)
EPA chemische Informationen: L-Glutamic acid, N-[4-[[(2-amino-1,4-dihydro- 4-oxo-6-pteridinyl)methyl] amino]benzoyl]-(59-30-3)
R-Sätze:: 33-62-68
S-Sätze:: 24/25
WGK Germany : 1
RTECS-Nr.: LP5425000
F : 8
TSCA : Yes
HS Code : 29362900
Giftige Stoffe Daten: 59-30-3(Hazardous Substances Data)

Folsure Chemische Eigenschaften,Einsatz,Produktion Methoden

R-Sätze Betriebsanweisung:
R33:Gefahr kumulativer Wirkungen.
R62:Kann möglicherweise die Fortpflanzungsfähigkeit beeinträchtigen.
R68:Irreversibler Schaden möglich.
S-Sätze Betriebsanweisung:
S24/25:Berührung mit den Augen und der Haut vermeiden.
Chemische Eigenschaften
orange to yellow crystalline powder
A vitamin needed to synthesize DNA, conduct DNA repair and methylate DNA, it also acts as a cofactor in biological reactions involving folate.
hematopoietic vitamin
folic acid is generally used as an emollient. In vitro and in vivo skin studies now indicate its capacity to aid in DnA synthesis and repair, promote cellular turnover, reduce wrinkles, and promote skin firmness. There is some indication that folic acid may also protect DnA from uV-induced damage. Folic acid is a member of the vitamin B complex and is naturally occurring in leafy greens.
Literature tends to indicate that B vitamins cannot pass through the layers of the skin and, therefore, are of no value in the skin surface. Current experiments demonstrate, however, that vitamin B2 acts as a chemical reaction accelerator, enhancing the performance of tyrosine derivatives in suntan-accelerating preparations.
Folic Acid is a water-soluble b-complex vitamin that aids in the for- mation of red blood cells, prevents certain anemias, and is essential in normal metabolism. high-temperature processing affects its sta- bility. it is best stored at lower than room temperatures. it is also termed folacin. it is found in liver, nuts, and green vegetables.
ChEBI: An N-acyl-amino acid that is a form of the water-soluble vitamin B9. Its biologically active forms (tetrahydrofolate and others) are essential for nucleotide biosynthesis and homocysteine remethylation.
Allgemeine Beschreibung
Odorless orange-yellow needles or platelets. Darkens and chars from approximately 482°F.
Air & Water Reaktionen
Insoluble in water. Aqueous solutions have pHs of 4.0-4.8.
Reaktivität anzeigen
Acid solutions of Folic acid are sensitive to heat, but towards neutrality, stability progressively increases. Solutions are inactivated by ultraviolet light and alkaline solutions are sensitive to oxidation. Folic acid is also inactivated by light. Folic acid is incompatible with oxidizing agents, reducing agents and heavy metal ions.
Flash point data for Folic acid are not available; however, Folic acid is probably combustible.
Poison by intraperitoneal and intravenous routes. Experimental teratogenic effects. Mutation data reported. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of NOx.
läuterung methode
If paper chromatography indicates impurities, then recrystallise it from hot H2O or from dilute acid [Walker et al. J Am Chem Soc 70 19 1948]. Impurities may be removed by repeated extraction with n-BuOH of a neutral aqueous solution of folic acid (by suspending in H2O and adding N NaOH dropwise till the solid dissolves, then adjusting the pH to ~7.0-7.5) followed by precipitation with acid, filtration, or better collected by centrifugation and recrystallised form hot H2O. [Blakley Biochem J 65 331 1975, Kalifa et al. Helv Chim Acta 6 1 2739 1978.] Chromatography on cellulose followed by filtration through charcoal has also been used to obtain pure acid. [Sakami & Knowles Science 129 274 1959.] UV: max 247 and 296nm ( 12,800 and 18,700) in H2O pH 1.0; 282 and 346nm ( 27.600 and 7,200) in H2O pH 7.0; 256, 284 and 366nm ( 24600, 24,500 and 86,00) in H2O pH 13 [Rabinowitz in The Enzymes (Boyer et al. Eds), 2 185 1960]. [Beilstein 26 III/IV 3944.]
Folsure Upstream-Materialien And Downstream Produkte
1,1,3-Trichloraceton 4-Phenylazophenylen-1,3-diaminmonohydrochlorid 2,3-Dibrompropionaldehyd 2,5,6-Triaminopyrimidin-4-olsulfat Dinatriumdisulfit
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