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Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid

Chemical Name:
Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid
FEMA 3531;AKOS BBS-00003723;cyclohexanoicacid;Carboxycyclohexane;RARECHEM AL BO 1301;TIMTEC-BB SBB008550;Hexahylcarbonicacid;Cyclohexancarbonsure;Cyclohexanecarboxyli;Hexahydrobenozic acid
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Formula Weight:
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Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid Properties

Melting point 29-31 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 232-233 °C(lit.)
Density 1.033 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
refractive index n20/D 1.461(lit.)
Flash point >230 °F
storage temp. Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
solubility H2O: soluble0.201g in 100g at 15°C
form Crystalline Solid
pka 4.9(at 25℃)
Specific Gravity 1.033
color White
Water Solubility 0.201 g/100 mL (15 ºC)
JECFA Number 961
Merck 14,2724
BRN 970529
CAS DataBase Reference 98-89-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
Substances Added to Food (formerly EAFUS) CYCLOHEXANECARBOXYLIC ACID
EWG's Food Scores 1
NIST Chemistry Reference Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid(98-89-5)
EPA Substance Registry System Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid (98-89-5)


Risk and Safety Statements

Signal word  Danger
Hazard statements  H319-H315-H318-H335-H303
Precautionary statements  P261-P280-P305+P351+P338-P305+P351+P338+P310-P280a-P304+P340-P405-P501a-P264-P302+P352+P332+P313+P362+P364-P305+P351+P338+P337+P313
Hazard Codes  Xi
Risk Statements  37/38-41-36/37/38
Safety Statements  26-36-37/39
WGK Germany  2
RTECS  GU8370000
HS Code  29172090

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Sigma-Aldrich 101834 Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid 98% 98-89-5 100g $30.9 2022-05-15 Buy
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W353108 100 g $72.8 Buy
W353108 1 kg $171 Buy
101834 5g $15.9 Buy
101834 100g $30.9 Buy
C0470 25g $17 Buy

Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid, also known as hexahydrobenzoic acid or carboxycyclohexane, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as carboxylic acids. Carboxylic acids are compounds containing a carboxylic acid group with the formula -C(=O)OH. Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid is a weakly acidic compound (based on its pKa). Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid exists in all living organisms, ranging from bacteria to humans. Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid is an acidic, cheese, and fruity tasting compound. Outside of the human body,. A monocarboxylic acid that consists of cyclohexane substituted by a carboxy group.

Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid


Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid is a precursor to the nylon-6 precursor caprolactam via its reaction with nitrosylsulfuric acid. It can also be oxidized to cyclohexene. Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid exhibits the reactions typical of carboxylic acids, including its conversion to the acid chloride cyclohexanecarbonyl chloride.

Chemical Properties

Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid has a cheese-like odor.

Chemical Properties

White crystalline solid


Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid may be used as an analytical standard for the determination of the analyte in wine and other alcoholic beverages, edible salts and high-salinity foods, and ethanolic extract of Centella asiatica by various analytical techniques.


Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid can be used to determine complex binding constants of the three native cyclodextrins with seven cyclohexane derivatives.


Paint and varnish driers, dry-cleaning soaps, lubricating oils, stabilizer for rubber.


ChEBI: A monocarboxylic acid that consists of cyclohexane substituted by a carboxy group.

Taste threshold values

Taste characteristics at 5 ppm: fruity, woody, berry-like with green dirty nuances

Synthesis Reference(s)

The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 22, p. 1680, 1957 DOI: 10.1021/jo01363a041
Tetrahedron Letters, 21, p. 4773, 1980 DOI: 10.1016/0040-4039(80)80136-5

General Description

Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid, the saturated analog of benzoic acid, is categorized under the family of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is typically used as a flavoring ingredient.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid undergoes microbial degradation by a strain of Antherobacter to form para-hydroxybenzoic acid. Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid undergoes aromatization and converts to Hippuric acid in rat liver extracts in vitro. Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid is the starting reagent for the synthesis of polyketide-type antibiotics, Phoslactomycins.

Purification Methods

Crystallise the acid from hot H2O (solubility is 0.2% w/w at 15o), it is soluble in organic solvents. Also distil it at as high a vacuum as possible and warm the condenser as it solidifies on cooling.The acid chloride M 146.6, has b 184o/atm, d2 5 1.096, the methyl ester has b 183o/atm, and the S-benzylisothiuronium salt has m 165-166o (from EtOH). [Beilstein 9 H 7, 9 I 5, 9 II 6, 9 III15, 9 IV 16.]

Synthesis of Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid from 3-Cyclohexenecarboxylic acid
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