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C318;R318;FC318;RC318;r-c318;R C318;FKWC318;CFC-318;FlonC318;FC-C-318
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Octafluorocyclobutane Properties

Melting point -41.4 °C
Boiling point -6 °C
Density 1,48 g/cm3
refractive index 1.217
CAS DataBase Reference 115-25-3(CAS DataBase Reference)
FDA 21 CFR 173.360
Substances Added to Food (formerly EAFUS) OCTAFLUOROCYCLOBUTANE
EWG's Food Scores 2
NIST Chemistry Reference Octafluorocyclobutane(115-25-3)
EPA Substance Registry System Perfluorocyclobutane (115-25-3)


Risk and Safety Statements

Hazard Codes  Xi
Safety Statements  23-38
RIDADR  1976
Hazard Note  Irritant
HazardClass  2.2
NFPA 704
1 0

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Matrix Scientific 003121 Perfluorocyclobutane 99% 115-25-3 25g $184 2021-12-16 Buy
Apolloscientific PC5920 Perfluorocyclobutane(PFCC-318) 99% 115-25-3 100g $220 2021-12-16 Buy
Matrix Scientific 003121 Perfluorocyclobutane 99% 115-25-3 100g $489 2021-12-16 Buy
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1200-2-02 5G $65 Buy
1200-2-02 25g $125 Buy
003121 25g $184 Buy
PC5920 100g $220 Buy
003121 100g $489 Buy

Octafluorocyclobutane Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

Octafluorocyclobutane is a colorless liquefied gas with an ethereal odor. Poor warning properties at low concentrations. Asphyxiant in high concentrations. Gas density is heavier than air. Octafluorocyclobutane is an etching agent.


Refrigerant; heat-transfer medium.
Halocarbon 318 is used for plasma etching. When it is exposed to the RF field generated in the etching process, a gas plasma is produced that will etch silicon compounds with excellent selectivity.


ChEBI: A fluorocarbon that is cyclobutane in which all eight hydrogens are replaced by fluorines.

General Description

Octafluorocyclobutane is a colorless nonflammable gas. Octafluorocyclobutane may be harmful by asphyxiation. Exposure of the container to prolonged heat or fire can cause Octafluorocyclobutane to rupture violently and rocket. Octafluorocyclobutane is used to make other chemicals.

Reactivity Profile

Octafluorocyclobutane is chemically inert in many situations, but can react violently with strong reducing agents such as the very active metals and the active metals. They suffer oxidation with strong oxidizing agents and under extremes of temperature.

Health Hazard

Vapors may cause dizziness or asphyxiation without warning. Vapors from liquefied gas are initially heavier than air and spread along ground. Contact with gas or liquefied gas may cause burns, severe injury and/or frostbite. Fire may produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases.

Fire Hazard

Some may burn but none ignite readily. Containers may explode when heated. Ruptured cylinders may rocket.

Safety Profile

Mdly toxic by ingestion and inhalation. Can cause slight transient effects at high concentrations. No anesthesia or central nervous system effects. Nonflammable gas. Mutation data reported. When heated to decomposition it emits hghly toxic fumes of F-.

Potential Exposure

This material is used as a refrigerant.


UN1976 octafluorocyclobutane, or refrigerant gas RC-318, Hazard class: 2.2; Labels: 2.2-Nonflammable compressed gas. Cylinders must be transported in a secure upright position, in a well-ventilated truck. Protect cylinder and labels from physical damage. The owner of the compressed gas cylinder is the only entity allowed by federal law (49CFR) to transport and refill them. It is a violation of transportation regulations to refill compressed gas cylinders without the express written permission of the owner.

Purification Methods

Purify octafluorocyclobutane by trap-to-trap distillation, retaining the middle portion. [Danus Ind Eng Chem 47 144 1955, Claasen J Chem Phys 18 543 1950, Beilstein 5 III 8, 5 IV 8.]


Octafluorocyclobutane is chemically inert in many situations, but can react violently with strong reducing agents such as hydrides and the active metals and especially the very active metals. They suffer oxidation with strong oxidizing agents and under extremes of temperature.

Waste Disposal

Return refillable compressed gas cylinders to supplier. Nonrefillable cylinders should be disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Allow remaining gas to vent slowly into atmosphere in an unconfined area or exhaust hood. Refillabletype cylinders should be returned to original supplier with any valve caps and outlet plugs secured and valve protection caps in place.

Octafluorocyclobutane Preparation Products And Raw materials

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