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Pmk glycidate

Chemical Name:
Pmk glycidate
pmk powder;PMK methyl glycidate;pmk glycidate powder;Methyl 3-(benzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-2-methyloxirane-2-carboxylate;3,4-MDP-2P glycidate PMK;Hot selling PMK Glycidate white powder wickr:xtaomeng;99% PMK;PMK Glycidate;high quality pmk,;PMK CAS:13605-48-6
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Pmk glycidate Properties

Boiling point 312.8±42.0 °C(Predicted)
Density 1.344±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)

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Manufacturer Product number Product description CAS number Packaging Price Updated Buy
Cayman Chemical 21833 PMK methyl glycidate ≥98% 13605-48-6 5mg $168 2022-04-27 Buy
Cayman Chemical 21833 PMK methyl glycidate ≥98% 13605-48-6 10mg $302 2022-04-27 Buy
AK Scientific 4784EB 3-[3',4'-(Methyleendioxy)-2-methylglycidate 13605-48-6 10mg $476 2021-12-16 Buy
Product number Packaging Price Buy
21833 5mg $168 Buy
21833 10mg $302 Buy
4784EB 10mg $476 Buy

Pmk glycidate Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Methyl 3-(1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-2-oxiranecarboxylate is a reagent in the preparation of methyl epoxy piperonyl propionate.


PMK methyl glycidate is an analytical reference standard categorized as a precursor in the synthesis of methylenedioxy phenethylamines and amphetamines, including 3,4-MDMA. This product is intended for research and forensic applications.

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Image Update time Product Price Min. Order Purity Supply Ability Manufacturer
2022-02-24 pmk
US $200.00 / G 1000G 99.9% 5000 Xingtai Haoxun Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
2022-02-24 pmk powder
US $200.00 / KG 1KG 99.9% 500kg/month Xingtai Haoxun Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
2022-02-24 PMK,Methyl 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-2-oxiranecarboxylate
US $199.00 / KG 1KG 99.8% 10000KG Xingtai Haoxun Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
  • pmk
  • US $200.00 / G
  • 99.9%
  • Xingtai Haoxun Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
  • pmk powder
  • US $200.00 / KG
  • 99.9%
  • Xingtai Haoxun Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
Methyl 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-2-oxiranecarboxylate 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate HOT SELLING PMK GLYCIDATE WHITE POWDER WICKR:XTAOMENG High Purity PMK methyl glycidate 5,3-ab-chmfuppyca 5,3 ab chmfuppyca PMK Glycidate 13605-48-6 aimee(at) 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate kf-yuwen(at) 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate hot selling kf-wang(at) PMK high quality 99% white powder Cas No.: 13605-48-6 pmk glycidate,pmk powder 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate pure pmk powder china supplier BMK wholesale bottom wickrme:avachem PMK glycidate 13605-48-6 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate,PMK,CAS NO.:13605-48-6 PMK POWDER pmk white powder 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate PMK 3-[3',4'-(METHYLEENDIOXY)-2-METHYL GLYCIDATE,CAS:13605-48-6, SKYPE: SOPHIA_3317 PMK / 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate cas13605-48-6 pmk glycidate welcome local chinese traders to buy from us PMK Glycidate [(3, 4-methylenedioxybenzene)] methyl propionate PMK glycolate high quality pmk, PMK PMK methyl glycidate Methyl 3-(benzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-2-methyloxirane-2-carboxylate Methyl 3-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)glycidate, ПМК глицидат, PMK-glycidate High purity low price 99% PMK powder pmk white powder 5C 99.9% high purity 5CI-ADB-A powder 5ciadba white powder 5CIADBA EMAIL:sara(at) pmk,pmk powder,PMK glycidate Метил 3- (бензо [d] [1,3] диоксол-5-ил) -2-метилоксиран-2-карбоксилат ПМК глицидат, PMK methyl glycidate, Methyl 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-2-oxiranecarboxylate, 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate cas13605-48-6 pmk glycidate 13605-48-6 pmk glycidate Hot sale CAS NO:13605-48-6 PMK/3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate PMK CAS:13605-48-6 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate/ PMK Glycidate CAS13605-48-6 PMK powder with high quality best price CAS13605-48-6 !! PMK- glycidate / 3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate 13605-48-6 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-2-oxiranecarboxylic acid 3,4-MDP-2P glycidate Pmk glycidate CAS 13605-48-6 2-Oxiranecarboxylic acid, 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-, methyl ester PMK,Methyl 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-2-oxiranecarboxylate MK methyl glycidate PMK Methyl 3-(benzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-2-methyloxirane-2-carboxylate -2-methyl glycidate PMK Glycidates Powder Pmk glycidate Basic information Pmk glycidate USP/EP/BP Hot selling PMK Glycidate white powder 99% PMK Pmk glycidate 13605-48-6,pmk powder PMK methyl glycidate Hot selling PMK Glycidate white powder wickr:xtaomeng pmk powder 3,4-MDP-2P glycidate PMK Methyl 3-(benzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-2-methyloxirane-2-carboxylate pmk glycidate powder 13605-48-6 13605-45-6 research chemical medical intermediate