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Ferrophosphorus structure
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FeP27;Ferrophosphorus;Iron alloy, base, Fe,P;PHOSPHOROUS IRON POWDER, 500MESH;Iron alloy, base, Fe,P (Ferrophosphorus)
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Ferrophosphorus Properties

Ferrophosphorus Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


In preventing thin sheets from sticking together when rolled and annealed in bundles.


An alloy of iron and phosphorus used in the steel industry for adjustments of phosphorus content of special steels.

General Description

A solid alloy of iron and phosphorus used in the steel industry (. Usually either 18% phosphorus or 25% phosphorus.

Reactivity Profile

Ferrophosphorus, a less reactive metal alloy, is a reducing agent. Can react exothermically with oxidizing acids to form noxious gases. May catalyze polymerization and other reactions, particularly when finely divided. May react with halogenated hydrocarbons, sometimes forming explosive compounds Less reactive in bulk form (sheet, rod, or drop) than when finely divided. May form irritating vapors and toxic gases, such as phosphorus oxides or phosphoric acid when involved in fire.

Health Hazard

Exposure can cause irritation of eyes, nose and throat.

Fire Hazard

Special Hazards of Combustion Products: Irritating vapors and toxic gases, such as phosphorus oxides or phosporic acid, may be formed when involved in fire.

Industrial uses

This substance is an iron containing a high percentageof phosphorus, used for adding phosphorusto steels. Small amounts of phosphorusare used in open-hearth steels to make themfree-cutting, and phosphorus is also employedin tinplate steels to prevent the sheets fromsticking together in annealing. Ferrophosphorusis made by melting phosphate rock togetherwith the ore in making pig iron. There is alsoa master alloy, ferroselenium, for adding seleniumto steels, especially stainless steels, togive free-machining qualities.

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