Thickening agent

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Thickening agent
Rheovis AS 1125;Thickening agent
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Thickening agent Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Agricultural Uses

A variety of hydrophilic substances act as thickening agents to increase the viscosity of liquid mixtures and solutions, and their emulsifying properties. Thus, these agents aid in maintaining the stability of the mixtures or solutions.
Four types of thickening agents are known: (a) starches, gums, casein, gelatin and phytocolloids, (b) semi-synthetic cellulose derivatives like carbon methyl cellulose, (c) polyvinyl alcohol and carboxy vinylates, and (d) bentonite, silicates and colloidal silica. The first group is widely used in the food industry especially in ice creams, confectionaries, gravies, etc. The other major consumers, are in the paper, adhesive, textile and detergent industries.

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