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Ribonucleic acid

Ribonucleic acid
Ribonucleic acid structure
Chemical Name:
Ribonucleic acid
Yeast Phe tRNA;Control siRNA-A;E. coli Lys tRNA;Ribonucleicacids;Ribonucleic acid;Ribonucelic Acid;pentosenucleicacids;Ribonucleic acid CRS;Ribonucleic acid USP/EP/BP;Ribonucleic acid,90%,pract.
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Ribonucleic acid Properties

storage temp. 
H2O: 10 mg/mL, very faintly turbid, faintly yellow
lyophilized powder
Off-white to Pale Brown
Water Solubility 
It is soluble in water.
NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms
ribonucleic acid
EPA Substance Registry System
Ribonucleic acids (63231-63-0)
  • Risk and Safety Statements
WGK Germany  3
RTECS  RF0772520

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Sigma-Aldrich R3629 Ribonucleic acid diethylaminoethanol salt Type IX 63231-63-0 5g $139 2021-03-22 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich Y0000662 Ribonucleic acid European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard 63231-63-0 $190 2021-03-22 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich R3629 Ribonucleic acid diethylaminoethanol salt Type IX 63231-63-0 25g $554 2021-03-22 Buy
TCI Chemical R0022 Ribonucleic Acid from Yeast 63231-63-0 25G $74 2021-03-22 Buy
Alfa Aesar J61215 Ribonucleic acid from Baker's yeast 63231-63-0 100mg $93.2 2020-06-24 Buy

Ribonucleic acid Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

White powder


ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a surface film-forming agent with moisturizing action. This is the polyribonucleotide found in both the nucleus and the cytoplasm of cells.

Agricultural Uses

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a generic term for a group of natural polymers, consisting of long chains of alternating phosphate and D-ribose units, with bases adenine, guanine, cytosine and uracil bonded to the 1 position of the ribose. Ribonucleic acid is universally present in living cells and has a functional genetic specificity due to the sequence of bases along the polyribonucleotide chain. The following four types of RNA are known:
(i) Messenger RNA: It is synthesized in the living cell by the action of an enzyme that carries out the polymerization of ribonucleotides on a DNA template region which carries the information for the primary sequence of amino acids in a structural protein. It is a ribonucleotide copy of the deoxynucleotide sequences in the primary genetic material.
(ii) Ribosomal RNA: It exists as a part of a functional limit within living cells, called the ribosome, a particle containing protein and ribosomal RNA in roughly 1:2 parts by weight, having a particle weight of about 8 million. Messenger RNA combines with ribosomes to form polysomes containing ribosome units, usually 5 , complexed to the messenger RNA molecule. This aggregate structure is the active template for protein synthesis.
(iii) Transfer RNA: It is the smallest and best characterized RNA. Its molecules contain about 80 nucleotides per chain. There are at least twenty separate kinds, correspondingly related to each of the 20 amino acids naturally occurring in proteins. Transfer RNA must have at least two kinds of specificity. (i) It must recognize (or be recognized by) the proper amino acid activating enzyme so that the proper amino acid will be transferred to its free 2' or 3' -OH group. (ii) It must be recognized as the proper triplet on the messenger RNA-ribosome aggregate. Having these properties, transfer RNA accepts or forms an intermediate transfer RNA amino acid that finds its way to the polysome, complexes at a triplet coding for the activated amino acid, and allows transfer of the amino acid into peptide linkage.
(iv) viral RNA: It is isolated from bacterial viruses, and animals and may be considered as a polycistronic messenger RNA. It has a molecular weight of 1 to 2 million. Generally, there is one molecule of RNA per infective virus particle. The RNA of RNA virus can be separated from its protein component and is also infective, bringing about the formation of complete virus.

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