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Trospium chloride

Chemical Name:
Trospium chloride
Trospium;Trosupium Chloride;Sanctura;asxvii;keptan;spasmex;spasmo3;relaspium;Spasmo-lyt;trospiuM-D8
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Trospium chloride Properties

Melting point 266-268°C
storage temp. Inert atmosphere,2-8°C
solubility Very soluble in water, freely soluble in methanol, practically insoluble in methylene chloride.
form neat
color White to Off-White
Merck 14,9786
SMILES [N+]12(CCCC1)[C@@]1([H])CC[C@]2([H])C[C@@H](C1)OC(=O)C(O)(C1=CC=CC=C1)C1C=CC=CC=1.[Cl-] |&1:5,9,12,r|
FDA UNII 1E6682427E
ATC code G04BD09

Pharmacokinetic data

Protein binding 50-80%
Excreted unchanged in urine 5.8%
Volume of distribution 395 Litres / XL: >600 Litres
Biological half-life 10-20 (XL: 38.5) / 20-40 (XL: 77)


Risk and Safety Statements

Symbol(GHS)  GHS hazard pictograms
Signal word  Warning
Hazard statements  H302
Precautionary statements  P301+P312+P330
RTECS  WH1424000
HS Code  2939800000
Toxicity Soly in water: ~1 g/2 ml. LD50 in mice (mg/kg): 12.3 i.v. (Antweiler)
NFPA 704
3 0

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Sigma-Aldrich Y0000429 Trospium chloride European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard 10405-02-4 y0000429 $218 2023-06-20 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich PHR3378 Trospium chloride certified reference material, pharmaceutical secondary standard 10405-02-4 200MG $301 2022-05-15 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich 1699300 Trospium chloride 10405-02-4 100mg $876 2022-05-15 Buy
TCI Chemical T3305 Trospium Chloride >98.0%(HPLC)(N) 10405-02-4 200mg $61 2023-06-20 Buy
TCI Chemical T3305 Trospium Chloride >98.0%(HPLC)(N) 10405-02-4 1g $183 2023-06-20 Buy
Product number Packaging Price Buy
Y0000429 y0000429 $218 Buy
PHR3378 200MG $301 Buy
1699300 100mg $876 Buy
T3305 200mg $61 Buy
T3305 1g $183 Buy

Trospium chloride Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Trospium chloride (Sanctura) is an antimuscarinic that has been used in Europe for the management of OAB symptoms for over 30 years.Trospium chloride's chemical structure is such that it is unlikely to penetrate the brain and thus does not appear to affect cognitive function. Trospium chloride is usually administered orally twice a day in 20mg. Trospium chloride should be taken 1 hour before meals or on an empty stomach. It is not well absorbed if taken with food.An advantage of this medication is that it has little potential interaction with other medications.

Chemical Properties

White to Off-White Crystalline Solid




Labeled Trospium, intended for use as an internal standard for the quantification of Trospium by GC- or LC-mass spectrometry.


An antimuscarinic compound that inhibits mAChR M


Tropine derivative with anticholinergic activity, Trospium chloride can be used as Antispasmodic and used in treatment of urinary incontinence


ChEBI: Trospium chloride is an organic chloride salt of trospium. It is an antispasmodic drug used for the treatment of overactive bladder. It has a role as a muscarinic antagonist and an antispasmodic drug. It is an organic chloride salt and a quaternary ammonium salt. It contains a trospium.

Manufacturing Process

12.7 g of nortropine and 21.6 g 1,4-dibrombutane are heated, with stirring,for 14 hours at 38-40°C in 200 ml 70% ethanol in the presence of a strongly basic ion exchanger. The reaction mixture is filtered, the filtrate brought to a pH of 4-5 by addition of dilute hydrochloric acid, then evaporated to dryness in a vacuum. The residue crystallized from ethanol-ether. Azoniaspiro-(3α- hydroxy-nortropan-8,1'-pyrrolidine) chloride is obtained in a yield of about 51%; melting point 294-297°C.
2.17 g azoniaspiro-(3α-hydroxy-nortropan-8,1'-pyrrolidine) chloride and 4.24 g acetyl mandelic acid chloride are heated in a vacuum (12 mm Hg) for 6n hours at 100°C. After the addition of 40 ml water, the reaction mixture is repeatedly extracted, the aqueous phase adjusted to pH 6.7-6.8 and continuously extracted with chloroform for 24 hours. After the addition of 20 ml concentrated hydrochloric acid, the residue of the chloroform extract is left to stand for 15 hours at room temperature. The hydrochloric acid is then removed in a vacuum, the residue taken up in absolute ethanol, filtered through aluminum oxide. The filtrate evaporated to dryness and the residue crystallized from methanol-acetone. Azoniaspiro(3α-benziloyloxy-nortropan- 8,1'-pyrrolidine)-chloride is obtained in a yield of about 20%; melting point 197-198°C.

brand name

Sanctura (Indevus).

Therapeutic Function

Anticholinergic, Spasmolytic

General Description

Trospium chloride, 3α-benziloyloxynortropane-8-spiro-1'-pyrrolidinium chloride, (Sanctura) was available in Europe for almost 20 years before gainingapproval in the United States in May 2004. Much likeoxybutynin, it too is a competitive antagonist for muscarinicreceptors and is used to manage overactive bladder. Thequaternary amine reduces the likelihood that this agent willcross the blood-brain barrier. In addition, it has a limitedmetabolic profile, largely a result of its highly water-solublecharacteristics.

Clinical Use

Symptomatic treatment of urinary incontinence, frequency or urgency

Drug interactions

Potentially hazardous interactions with other drugs
Anti-arrhythmics: increased risk of antimuscarinic side effects with disopyramide.


The metabolic pathway of trospium in humans has not been fully defined. Of the 10
% of the dose absorbed, metabolites account for approximately 40
% of the excreted dose following oral administration. The major metabolic pathway is hypothesised as ester hydrolysis with subsequent conjugation of benzylic acid to form azoniaspironortropanol with glucuronic acid.
The mean renal clearance for trospium (29 L/hour) is 4-fold higher than average glomerular filtration rate, indicating that active tubular secretion is a major route of elimination for trospium. There may be competition for elimination with other compounds that are also renally eliminated.

Synthesis of Trospium chloride from Trospium Chloride Related Compound C and Ethanone, 2-hydroxy-1-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)-2,2-diphenyl-

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Trospium chloride Spectrum

(1a,3,5a)-3-[(2-Hydroxy-2,2-diphenylacetyl)oxy]-spiro[8-azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-8,1'-pyrrolidinium] Chloride 5-alpha-h-nortropane-8,1’-pyrrolidinium),3-alpha-hydroxy-spiro(1-alpha-chl 8-alpha-benziloyloxy-6,10-ethano-5-azoniaspiro(4.5)decanechloride asxvii azoniaspiro(3-alpha-benziloyloxy-nortropan-8,1’-pyrrolidine)-chloride azoniaspirocompoundxvii keptan Trosipium Chloride Spiro[8-azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-8,1'-pyrrolidinium], 3-[(2-hydroxy-2,2-diphenylacetyl)oxy]-, chloride (1:1), (1a,3b,5a)- Trospium Chloride (100 mg) trospiuM-D8 TrospiuM chloride (Sanctura) (1α,3β,5α)-3-[(2-Hydroxy-2,2-diphenylacetyl)oxy]-spiro[8-azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-8,1'-pyrrolidiniuM] Chloride (1α,3β,5α)-3-[(2-hydroxy-2,2-diphenylacetyl)oxy]-Spiro[8-azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-8,1'-pyrrolidinium],chloride (1:1) Trospium chloride, >=99% oride,benzilate relaspium spasmex spasmo3 TROSPIUM CHLORIDE (1a,3b,5a)-3-[(2-Hydroxy-2,2-diphenylacetyl)oxy]-spiro[8-azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-8,1'-pyrrolidinium] Chloride Azoniaspiro Azoniaspiro(3a-benziloyloxynortropane-8,1'-pyrrolidine) chloride Benzilic acid, ester with 3a-hydroxyspiro[1aH,5aH-nortropane-8,1'-pyrrolidinium] chloride (8CI) Spasmo-lyt Spiro[1aH,5aH-nortropane-8,1'-pyrrolidinium], 3a-hydroxy-, chloride, benzilate (8CI) Spiro[8-azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-8,1'-pyrrolidinium], 3-[(hydroxydiphenylacetyl)oxy]-, chloride, (1a,3b,5a)- (9CI) Trospiumchlorid TROSPIUM CHLORDE 2-hydroxy-2,2-diphenylacetic acid [(1S,5R)-3-spiro[8-azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-8,1'-azolidin-1-ium]yl] ester chloride Trospium chloride CRS rel-(1R,3r,5S)-3-(2-Hydroxy-2,2-diphenylacetoxy)spiro[bicyclo[3.2.1]octane-8,1'-pyrrolidin]-1'-ium chloride Trospium chloride USP/EP/BP Trospium chlorideQ: What is Trospium chloride Q: What is the CAS Number of Trospium chloride Q: What is the storage condition of Trospium chloride Q: What are the applications of Trospium chloride Trospium-d8 chlorideQ: What is Trospium-d8 chloride Q: What is the CAS Number of Trospium-d8 chloride Q: What is the storage condition of Trospium-d8 chloride Q: What are the applications of Trospium-d8 chloride Trospium Chloride (1699300) Sanctura Trospium Trosupium Chloride 13C6]-Trospium chloride salt 10405-02-4 10405024 C25H30ClNO3 C25H30NO3Cl C25H30NO3 AGRI-MEK Intermediates & Fine Chemicals Pharmaceuticals 10405-02-4