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Sodium perborate

Chemical Properties
Sodium perborate
Sodium perborate
Chemical Name:
Sodium perborate
dexol;SODIUM PERBORATE;sodiumperoxoborate;sodiumperborate(nabo3);Sodium peroxometaborate;Sodium oxidooxy-oxoborane;Sodium Perborate Anhydrous;Sodium (oxoboryl)dioxidanide;perboricacid(hbo3),sodiumsalt;perboricacid(hbo(o2)),sodiumsalt
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Sodium perborate Properties

Melting point:
Sparingly soluble in water, with slow decomposition. It dissolves in dilute mineral acids.
CAS DataBase Reference
7632-04-4(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System
Perboric acid (HBO(O2)), sodium salt(7632-04-4)


Hazard Codes  O;Xn,Xn,O
Risk Statements  8-22-36/37/38
Safety Statements  17-25-26-37/39
Hazardous Substances Data 7632-04-4(Hazardous Substances Data)

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Sodium perborate Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

Sodium perborate, anhydrous, NaB03 is a white,amorphous powder of unknown constitution containing active oxygen that evolves oxygen gas when dissolved in water,and is hygroscopic. Derived by heating sodium perborate tetrahydrate. Used as a denture cleaner and oxygen source.
Sodium perborate, monohydrate, NaB03·H20 , better represented as Na2(B2(02)2(OH)4) is a white, amorphous powder that is rapidly soluble in water givinga solution of H202 and sodium borated.Derived by partial dehydration of sodium perborate tetrahydrate. Used as a denture cleaner and bleaching agent.

Chemical Properties

Colourless, prismatic crystals or white or almost white powder, stable in the crystalline form.



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Mainchem Co., Ltd.
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career henan chemical co
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Shanghai Song Yuan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. 18521000990
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2018-12-25 Sodium (oxoboryl)dioxidanide
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