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Polyamide structure
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Polyamide;Polyamid eP;Nylon fibers;Polyamide Rosin;Polyamide resin;Polyamide fibers;Polyamide multipolymer;Polyamide resin No.600;Polyamide curing agent (650);Polyamide curing agent (651)
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Polyamide fibers (63428-84-2)

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Sigma-Aldrich 02395 Polyamide for column chromatography, 6 63428-84-2 250 g $362 2021-03-22 Buy

Polyamide Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


A polyamide is a polymer that is made of continuous units in the molecular linkage that are bonded by amide groups. The chemical formula CO-NH indicates the amide group. The amide groups may be formed through the polymerization of amino acids, or the interaction of the carboxyl (CO2H) group with the amine (NH2) group or through amino-acid derivatives (where the constituent molecules are made of the carboxyl and amino groups). Polyamides are made of peptides and proteins, which are naturally, synthesized polymers comprising of amino-acid chains. Polyamides are classified based on the frequency and number of phenyl rings in its structure. When about 85% of the amide groups are bonded to the phenyl rings directly, the polyamide is referred to as an aramid. When the percentage is lower than 85% the polymer is categorized as nylon.


Industrially, polyamides are essential for the production of synthetic polymers such as nylon, plastics and indispensable fibers. A different category of polyamides is transformed into fibres which are referred to as aromatic polyamides (amide polymers with recurrent phenyl rings in their structure) or aramids.
Polyamide is also used in the preparation of overprinting varnished, paper inks, flexography printing inks and gravure printing inks. The compound is a good adhesive on certain substrates hence it is suitable for laminated films for bonding with metal foils and plastic films.


Polyamide is a transparent pale yellow granule which is soluble in alcohol. The compound also illustrates compatibility, intermiscibility and chemical stability with nitrocellulose.
Inks that are made of polyamide resin have stronger water resistance, low freezing point, folding resistance, high glossiness and good solvent release properties.
The addition of polyamide resin to pigment additives enhances the color of the product and its gloss.


A synthetic polymer in which the monomers are linked by the group –NH–CO–. Nylon is an example of a polyamide.


polyamide: A type of condensationpolymer produced by the interactionof an amino group of one moleculeand a carboxylic acid group of anothermolecule to give a protein-likestructure. The polyamide chains arelinked together by hydrogen bonding.

Industrial uses

Polyamide may be in linear form, known asnylon, or in aromatic form. Neither of these isof much value as a dielectric, but nylons,because of their toughness and resistance tosolvents, are used to form coatings to protectinsulation. The aromatic form can also makeyarns, but it is most often used in impregnatedboard from which it gives low-voltage insulationcapable of being used continuously at temperaturesof 150°C, or even higher.

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