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Magnesium fluoride

Chemical Name:
Magnesium fluoride
afluon;Aluminum chlorohydrate solution;irtran1;sellaite;Magnesium flux;magnesiumfluorure;MAGNESIUM FLUOIRDE;MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE;Magnesiumfluoride2;Magnesiumfluoride3
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Lewis structure
mgf2 lewis structure
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Magnesium fluoride Properties

Melting point 1263 °C (lit.)
Boiling point 2227 °C/1 atm (lit.)
Density 3.15 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
refractive index 1.365
form random crystals
color White to off-white
Specific Gravity 3.15
Water Solubility 87 mg/L (18 ºC)
Crystal Structure Tetragonal, Rutile
Merck 14,5665
Solubility Product Constant (Ksp) pKsp: 10.29
Exposure limits ACGIH: TWA 2.5 mg/m3
NIOSH: IDLH 250 mg/m3; TWA 2.5 mg/m3
Indirect Additives used in Food Contact Substances MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE
FDA 21 CFR 175.105
CAS DataBase Reference 7783-40-6(CAS DataBase Reference)
EWG's Food Scores 1-2
EPA Substance Registry System Magnesium fluoride (7783-40-6)

Magnesium fluoride Properties

Hardness, Mohs 5.5
Knoop Microhardness 500, kg/mm2


Risk and Safety Statements

Symbol(GHS)  GHS hazard pictograms
Signal word  Warning
Hazard statements  H335
Precautionary statements  P261-P271-P304+P340+P312-P403+P233-P405-P501
Hazard Codes  Xi
Risk Statements  36/37/38
Safety Statements  26-36-37/39
WGK Germany  3
RTECS  OM3325000
Hazard Note  Irritant
HS Code  28261900
Toxicity LD in guinea pigs (mg/kg): 1000 orally, 3000 s.c. (Waldbott)
NFPA 704
3 0

Magnesium fluoride price More Price(37)

Manufacturer Product number Product description CAS number Packaging Price Updated Buy
Sigma-Aldrich GF66491051 Magnesium fluoride lump, 5?mm max. lump size, weight 50?g, purity 99.99% 7783-40-6 1EA $617 2023-06-20 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich GF09947885 Magnesium fluoride lump, 5?mm max. lump size, weight 20?g, purity 99.99% 7783-40-6 1EA $393 2023-06-20 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich 343188 Magnesium fluoride pieces, 3-6 mm, 99.9% trace metals basis (excluding Na) 7783-40-6 25g $86.8 2023-06-20 Buy
Alfa Aesar 011021 Magnesium fluoride, Optical Grade, 99.9% (metals basis) 7783-40-6 10g $41.7 2023-06-20 Buy
Alfa Aesar 011021 Magnesium fluoride, Optical Grade, 99.9% (metals basis) 7783-40-6 50g $173 2023-06-20 Buy
Product number Packaging Price Buy
GF66491051 1EA $617 Buy
GF09947885 1EA $393 Buy
343188 25g $86.8 Buy
011021 10g $41.7 Buy
011021 50g $173 Buy

Magnesium fluoride Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Magnesium fluoride is a by-product of the manufacture of metallic beryllium and uranium. It is a fine white crystalline powder with low chemical reactivity.
Magnesium fluoride
Magnesium fluoride is used as flux in magnesium metallurgy and in the ceramics industry. Magnesium fluoride may be used for the extraction of aluminum from arc-furnace alloys with Fe, Si, Ti, and C. Optical windows of highly purified magnesium fluoride which transmit light from the vacuum ultraviolet (140 nm) into the infrared (7) are recommended for use as ultraviolet optical components for the use in space exploration. Magnesium fluoride is can be also used as an antireflection coating material having a good antireflection effect and a low refractive index.


In Mg metallurgy and in the ceramics industry, Magnesium fluoride is used as a flux. Single crystals of alkaline-earth fluorides, such as Magnesium fluoride, are suitable for optical applications because of their large domain of transparency from the ultraviolet to the middle infrared region. Infrared transparent windows may be prepared by hot-pressing Magnesium fluoride powder.
Ternary intercalation compounds of graphite with fluorine and Magnesium fluoride have been prepared; these compounds have high electrical conductivity and would therefore have an important potential as cathodes or new electroconductive materials. Finally, the eutectic NaF–MgF2 has been proposed in advanced latent-heat energy storage for solar power systems.


Magnesium fluoride is prepared by treating a magnesium salt solution with hydrofluoric acid or sodium fluoride:
MgSO4 + 2HF → MgF2 + 2H+ + SO42–
or by adding hydrofluoric acid to magnesium carbonate:
MgCO3 + 2HF → MgF2 + CO2 + H2O


[1] John R. Papcun, Fluorine Compounds, Inorganic, Magnesium, Kirk- Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, 2000
[2] H. Tanaka, M. Kobayashi, T. Sakakibara, Method of producing magnesium fluoride coating, antireflection coating, and optical element, Patent, 2013


Magnesium fluoride (MgF2) is a white crystalline salt. It is used in the electrolysis of aluminum ore to produce metallic aluminum and also as a reflective coating on various types of optical components. It is a tetragonal, birefringent crystal with the TiO2 type of structure.

Chemical Properties

white to light beige powder

Chemical Properties

Magnesium Fluoride is a fine white crystalline powder with low chemical reactivity. This relative inertness makes possible some of its uses, eg, stable permanent films to alter light transmission properties of optical and electronic materials.


Magnesium fluoride (MgF2) is used to polarize corrective lenses of eyeglasses to reduce the glare of sunlight by selecting the orientation of the light waves passing through the lenses. MgF2 is also used to polarize windows, sunglasses, and similar optical items.


Suitable for vacuum deposition. Magnesium fluoride occurs in nature as the mineral, sellaite. It is used in
glass and ceramics. Single crystals are used for polarizing prisms and lenses.


In the ceramics and glass industry.Magnesium Fluoride is a durable crystal with low absorption, suitable for high-powered laser, space, and other UV applications. MgF2 is also naturally birefringent, making it an ideal material for use where this property can be exploited, such as retardation plates and polarizing elements, particularly in the wavelength range from 0.13-0.30 µm.


Magnesium fluoride is a colorless salt with the rutile structure. It is formed by reaction of magnesium oxide and HF or magnesium carbonate and NH4F·HF. It is also a by product from the manufacture of elements such as beryllium by reduction of the corresponding fluoride by magnesium metal.


Strong irritant. TLV: 2.5 mg(F)/m3.

Safety Profile

Moderately toxic by ingestion. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of F-. See also MAGNESIUM and FLUORIDES.

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Magnesium fluoride Spectrum

Magnesiumfluoride,OpticalGrade,99.9%(metalsbasis) Magnesiumfluoride,99.9%(metalsbasisexcludingCa&Na),Ca+Na<1% MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE (99.99+%-MG) MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE 99.9% GRANULE 2-4MM Magnesium fluoride, extra pure, 99.99% MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, 99.9% MAGNESIUM FLUOIRDE Magnesiumfluoride(99.99+%-Mg)PURATREM Magnesiumfluoride,99% magnesium fluoride, optical grade magnesium fluoride, puratronic MAGNESIUMFLUORIDE,PURIFIED Magnesium fluoride, powder 99.9% MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, ANHYDROUS: 99.9% MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, ANHYDROUS: 99.99% Magnesium fluoride, 99.9% (metals basis excluding Ca & Na), Ca+Na <1% Magnesium fluoride, Puratronic(R), 99.99% (metals basis) Magnesium fluoride hydrate, min 87% MgF2 Magnesium fluoride, 99.5% (metals basis excluding Ca & Na), Ca+Na <1% Magnesium Fluoride, 1 - 2.5 mm Magnesium fluoride, 99.99% trace metals basis Magnesium fluoride, 99.9% trace metals basis excluding Ca and Na Magnesium fluoride, 99% trace metals basis excluding Ca and Na Magnesium fluoride, 99.99% Magnesium fluoride hydrate MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE sellaite Magnesium flux magnesium fluoride coating quality bal. 0.7-1.5 mm Magnesium fluoride, powder Magnesiumfluoride2 Magnesiumfluoride3 Magnesiumfluoridewhitextl MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, GRANULATION MAX. 0.1 MM MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, PIECES, 2-8MM, 99.99 % MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, TECH. MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, RANDOM CRYSTALS, 99. 99+%, OPTICAL GRADE MANGANESE(II) IODIDE 99% MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE COATING QUALITY UMICORE.0.7-1.5 MM MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE FOR GLASS INDUSTRY MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE POWDER, PURE MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE 99.9% GRANULE 1-3MM MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, (MGF2) OPTICAL WINDOW 0.5-5MM, 99.9%, 250-14000NM, 1000C MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE 99% MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE 99.9% GRANULE 1-2MM Magnesium fluoride, 99.99%, extra pure MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE, 85%, PURE Magnesium fluoride, pure Magnesium fluoride, anhydrous Magnesium fluoride, Puratronic, 99.99% (metals basis) Magnesium Fluoride, Optical Grade (Metals Basis) MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE H MagnesiuM fluoride, 99% (Metals basis excluding Ca & Na), Ca+Na <1% Magnesium fluoride pieces, 3-6 mm, 99.9% trace metals basis (excluding Na) Magnesium fluoride random crystals, optical grade, >=99.99% trace metals basis irtran1 magnesiumfluoride(mgf2) magnesiumfluorure