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Moxidectin 구조식 이미지
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Quest;Equest;proheart;Moxdectin;Moxidectin;ProHeart 6;Moxidectin, >=98%;Cydectin, CL 301,423;Vetdectin Oral Drench;23-MethoxiMe-LL-F 28249α
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Moxidectin 속성

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물리적 상태
  • 위험 및 안전 성명
  • 위험 및 사전주의 사항 (GHS)
위험품 표기 T,N
위험 카페고리 넘버 25-50
안전지침서 45-61-24/25
유엔번호(UN No.) 2588
WGK 독일 3
RTECS 번호 PY5438800
위험 등급 6.1(b)
포장분류 III
HS 번호 29322090
신호 어: Danger
유해·위험 문구:
암호 유해·위험 문구 위험 등급 범주 신호 어 그림 문자 P- 코드
H301 삼키면 유독함 급성 독성 물질 - 경구 구분 3 위험 P264, P270, P301+P310, P321, P330,P405, P501
H400 수생생물에 매우 유독함 수생 환경유해성 물질 - 급성 구분 1 경고 P273, P391, P501

Moxidectin C화학적 특성, 용도, 생산


anthelmintic, antiparasitic


Moxidectin is a macrocyclic lactone and semisynthetic derivative of nemadectin. Moxidectin is a parasiticide used for the prevention and control of heartworm and intestinal worms. Moxidectin is is fou nd in veterinary medicine used to treat animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cattle and sheep.


Moxidectin is a semi-synthetic milbemycin derived from nemadectin by selective oxidation followed by methyloximation. Moxidectin was patented in 1991 as an anthelmintic for internal parasite control. The presence of the methyloxime affords moxidectin a greater hydrophobicity and longer biological half-life compared to nemadectin. Moxidectin binds selectively to parasite glutamate-gated chloride ion channels and disrupts neurotransmission leading to paralysis and death of the parasite.

Veterinary Drugs and Treatments

In dogs and cats, moxidectin with lufenuron is indicated as a once a month topical preventative for the prevention of heartworm, flea adulticide, ear mites (cats) and treatment for hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms (dogs). It has also been successfully used as a treatment for generalized demodicosis.
In cattle, moxidectin is indicated for the treatment and control of the following internal [adult and fourth stage larvae (L4)] and external parasites: Gastrointestinal roundworms: Ostertagia ostertagi (adult and L4, including inhibited larvae), Haemonchus placei (adult), Trichostrongylus axei (adult and L4), Trichostrongylus colubriformis (adult), Cooperia oncophora (adult), Cooperia punctata (adult), Bunostomum phlebotomum (adult), Oesophagostomum radiatum (adult), Nematodirus helvetianus (adult); Lungworm: Dictyocaulus viviparus (adult and L4); Cattle Grubs: Hypoderma bovis, Hypoderma lineatum Mites: Chorioptes bovis, Psoroptes ovis (Psoroptes communis var. bovis); Lice: Linognathus vituli, Haematopinus eurysternus, Solenopotes capillatus, Damalinia bovis; Horn flies: Haematobia irritans. To control infections and to protect from reinfection from Ostertagia ostertagi for 28 days after treatment and from Dictyocaulus viviparus for 42 days after treatment.
In sheep, oral moxidectin is indicated for the control of Haemonchus contortus (adult and L4), Teladosrsagia circumcincta & trifurcata (adult and L4), Trichostrongylus colubriformis, axei, & vitrinius (adult & L4), Cooperia curticei & oncophora (adult and L4), Oesophagostomum columbianum & venolosum (adult & L4), and Nematodirus battus, filicollis, & spathiger (adult & L4).
In horses and ponies, moxidectin is indicated for the treatment and control of the following stages of gastrointestinal parasites: Large strongyles: Strongylus vulgaris (adults and L4L5 arterial stages); Strongylus edentatus (adults and tissue stages); Triodontophorus brevicauda (adults); Triodontophorus serratus (adults); Small strongyles (adults and larvae): Cyathostomum spp. (adults); Cylicocyclus spp. (adults); Cylicostephanus spp. (adults); Gyalocephalus capitatus (adults); undifferentiated lumenal larvae; Encysted cyathostomes: late L3 and L4 mucosal cyathostome larvae; Ascarids: Parascaris equorum (adults and L4 larval stages); Pin worms: Oxyuris equi (adults and L4 larval stages); Hair worms: Trichostrongylus axei (adults); Large-mouth stomach worms: Habronema muscae (adults); Horse stomach bots: Gasterophilus intestinalis (2nd and 3rd instars). When combined with praziquantel, additional coverage against Anoplocephala spp. occurs.

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