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Magnesium hydride
MgH2;MAGNESIUM HYDRIDE;Dihydridemagnesium;agnesiumhydride,98%;magnesium dihydride;Magnesium hydride,90%;MagnesiuM hydride(MgH2);Dihydrogen magnesium salt;MAGNESIUMHYDRIDE-NI-DOPED;MagnesiuM hydride, 90% 50GR
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수소화마그네슘 속성

>250°C (dec.)
저장 조건
water-free area
물리적 상태
white tetragonal crystals
Moisture Sensitive
  • 위험 및 안전 성명
  • 위험 및 사전주의 사항 (GHS)
위험품 표기 F,Xi
위험 카페고리 넘버 15-11-36/37/38
안전지침서 8-43A-43-36/37/39-26-16-7
유엔번호(UN No.) 2010
위험 등급 4.3
포장분류 I
HS 번호 28500090
신호 어:
유해·위험 문구:
암호 유해·위험 문구 위험 등급 범주 신호 어 그림 문자 P- 코드
H228 인화성 고체 인화성 고체 구분 1
구분 2
P210, P240,P241, P280, P370+P378
H260 물과 접촉시 자연 발화성 인화성 가스를 발생시킴 물반응성 물질 및 혼합물 구분 1 위험 P223, P231+P232, P280, P335+ P334,P370+P378, P402+P404, P501
P210 열·스파크·화염·고열로부터 멀리하시오 - 금연 하시오.
P223 물과 접촉하지 마시오.
P240 용기와 수용설비를 접지 및 접합시키시오.
P280 보호장갑/보호의/보안경/안면보호구를 착용하시오.
P231+P232 불활성 기체 하에서 취급하고, 습기를 방지하시오.

수소화마그네슘 C화학적 특성, 용도, 생산


MgH2 contains 7.66% by weight of hydrogen and has been studied as a potential hydrogen-storage medium. It was discovered in 1912, during the pyrolysis of ethyl magnesium iodide (a Grignard reagent), which produced small amount of MgH2. In 1951, preparation from the elements was first reported involving direct hydrogenation of Mg metal at high pressure and temperature (200 atmospheres, 500°C)with magnesium iodide as a catalyst:
Lower temperature production from Mg and H2 using nano-crystalline Mg produced in ball mills has been investigated. Other preparations include:
1. The hydrogenation of magnesium anthracene under mild conditions:
Mg(anthracene)+H2→MgH2+C14H10 2. The reaction of diethyl magnesium with LiAlH4
3. An adduct of complexed MgH2, e.g. MgH2·THF by the reaction of phenylsilane (C6H8Si) and dibutyl magnesium in ether or hydrocarbon solvents in the presence of THF (C4H8O) using TMEDA (Tetramethylethylenediamine=(CH3)2NCH2CH2N (CH3)2) as a ligand.

화학적 성질

Light grey powder

화학적 성질

Magnesium hydride is a coarse, gray crystalline solid.

일반 설명

Magnesium hydride is a white crystalline solid. Magnesium hydride reacts violently with water and may ignite upon contact with air. Magnesium hydride is used to make other chemicals.

공기와 물의 반응

Highly flammable. Pyrophoric, ignites spontaneously in air and forms magnesium oxide and water [Merck 11th ed. 1989]. Reacts with water to form caustic solution of magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen gas (H2) and heat sufficient to ignite the evolved hydrogen [Merck 11th ed. 1989].

반응 프로필

Hydrides, such as Magnesium hydride, are reducing agents and react rapidly and dangerously with oxygen and with other oxidizing agents, even weak ones. Thus, they are likely to ignite on contact with alcohols. Hydrides are incompatible with acids, alcohols, amines, and aldehydes.


Inhalation or contact with vapors, substance or decomposition products may cause severe injury or death. May produce corrosive solutions on contact with water. Fire will produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases. Runoff from fire control may cause pollution.


Produce flammable gases on contact with water. May ignite on contact with water or moist air. Some react vigorously or explosively on contact with water. May be ignited by heat, sparks or flames. May re-ignite after fire is extinguished. Some are transported in highly flammable liquids. Runoff may create fire or explosion hazard.

잠재적 노출

Used in hydrogen production and in production of magnesium alcoholates.

운송 방법

UN2010 Magnesium hydride, Hazard Class: 4.3; Labels: 4.3-Dangerous when wet material.

비 호환성

A strong reducing agent. Pyrophoric: the powder or dust may ignite spontaneously in air, or in the presence of moisture. Contact with water or steam forms magnesium hydroxide, flammable hydrogen gas, and enough heat to ignite the hydrogen. Violent reaction with oxidizers, alcohols, halogens, chlorinated solvents. Incompatible with strong acids, acid chlorides, alcohols, amines and aldehydes. Store under nitrogen. Decomposes @ 280C in high vacuum

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