Difenoxinum Basic information
Product Name:Difenoxinum
Synonyms:Difenoxinum;1-(3-Cyano-3,3-diphenylpropyl)-4-phenyl-4-piperidinecarboxylic acid;McN-JR-15403-11;1-(3-Cyano-3,3-diphenylpropyl)-4-phenylisonipecotic Acid;Difenoxilic Acid;Difenoxine;Difenoxylic Acid;Diphenoxylic Acid
Product Categories:Aromatics;Heterocycles;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Metabolites & Impurities;Pharmaceuticals
Mol File:28782-42-5.mol
Difenoxinum Structure
Difenoxinum Chemical Properties
Boiling point 632.7±55.0 °C(Predicted)
density 1.175±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
Safety Information
HS Code 2933330000
MSDS Information
Difenoxinum Usage And Synthesis
OriginatorLyspafena,Cilag Chemie,W. Germany,1980
UsesThe active metabolite of Diphenoxylate. Antiperistaltic; antidiarrheal. This is a controlled substance (opiate).
DefinitionChEBI: A piperidinemonocarboxylic acid that is 4-phenylpiperidine-4-carboxylic acid in which the hydrogen attached to the nitrogen atom is substituted by a 3-cyano-3,3-diphenylpropyl group.
Manufacturing ProcessTo a stirred solution of 5.52 parts of t-potassiurn butanolate in 60 parts of dimethylsulfoxide are added 1.7 parts of ethyl-1-(3-cyano-3,3- diphenylpropyl)-4-phenylisonipecotate hydrochloride and the whole is stirred on an oil bath (90°C) for 4 hours. The reaction mixture is cooled (30°C) and poured onto 180 parts of water with stirring. After two extractions with benzene, the aqueous phase is acidified with glacial acetic acid to pH 6.5 with stirring. The precipitated product is filtered off, washed with water, dried, dissolved in 50 parts of 0.4 N potassium hydroxide and precipitated again with glacial acetic acid. The crude free base is filtered off and dissolved in a mixture of 2-propanol and chloroform and gaseous hydrogen chloride is introduced into the solution. The whole is filtered and the filtrate is evaporated. The residue is mixed with benzene and the latter is evaporated again. The residue is recrystallized from 2-propanol, yielding 1-(3-cyano-3,3- diphenylpropyl)-4-phenylisonipecotic acid hydrochloride.
Brand nameDioctin;Lyspafen;Lyspofenac;Motofen.
Therapeutic FunctionAntiperistaltic
World Health Organization (WHO)Difenoxin is the principal metabolite of diphenoxylate. See WHO comment for diphenoxylate.
Difenoxinum Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsHydrochloric acid
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