Polyester acrylate 4F

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Company Name: IGM RESINS  
Tel: 021-52080993,010-62798088,020-82000989
Email: lth@iht.com.cn
Products Intro: Product Name:Photomer 5429 ; Polyester acrylate 4F
Company Name: Suzhou LaiYue Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  
Tel: 15161566723 18100692465 qq:1029125529 1029125529@qq.com
Email: 1029125529@qq.com
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Company Name: -  
Tel: 0519-87693876
Email: kailinruiyang@163.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Polyester acrylate
Company Name: zhongshan ketian electronic materials co.,ltd  
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Email: 13527169864@139.com
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Company Name: Zhongshan Gangxiong Trading Co.,Ltd.  
Tel: 86 0760 88411488
Email: sales@zssxchem.com
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