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Company Name: Standardpharm Co. Ltd.
Tel: 86-714-3992388
Products Intro: Product Name:Everolimus Impurity 24(Everolimus-d4)
Purity:0.99 Package:10mg;25mg;50mg;100mg
Company Name: Chemsky(shanghai)International Co.,Ltd.  
Tel: 021-50135380
Products Intro: Product Name:EveroliMus-d4 (~90%)
Company Name: Cato Research Chemicals Inc.  
Tel: 020-81960175
Products Intro: Product Name:EveroliMus-d4 (~90%)
Purity:95% Package:25Mg, 50Mg
Company Name: Artis Biotech Co. Ltd.  
Tel: 0575-0575-89298960 18582380095
Products Intro: Product Name:Everolimus-d4
Purity:98% HPLC Package:1mg 、5mg、10mg、50mg、 100mg、1g
Company Name: Nanjing Haolv Biotechnology Co.,Ltd  
Tel: 025-84622273 02584622273;
Products Intro: Product Name:Everolimus-d4
Purity:98%+ Package:5g;1g;500mg;100mg;25mg;10mg
EveroliMus-d4 Basic information
Product Name:EveroliMus-d4
Synonyms:EveroliMus-d4 (~90%);Everolimus-d4;Everolimus D4Q: What is Everolimus D4 Q: What is the CAS Number of Everolimus D4 Q: What is the storage condition of Everolimus D4 Q: What are the applications of Everolimus D4;EVEROLIMUS (2-HYDROXYETHYL-D4, 98%);Everolimus Impurity 24(Everolimus-d4);Everolimus-d4 (Everolimus Impurity)
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Mol File:1338452-54-2.mol
EveroliMus-d4 Structure
EveroliMus-d4 Chemical Properties
storage temp. Store at 4°C
solubility Chloroform: Soluble,Methanol: Soluble
form A solid
Safety Information
MSDS Information
EveroliMus-d4 Usage And Synthesis
DescriptionEverolimus-d4 is intended for use as an internal standard for the quantification of everolimus by GC- or LC-MS. Everolimus is a hydroxyethyl ether form of rapamycin that inhibits mTOR signaling through both mTORC1 and mTORC2 when added to cells at 20 nM. It is orally available and shows improved pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics over rapamycin. Through its inhibition of mTOR, everolimus inhibits cell proliferation, metabolism, and angiogenesis in certain types of cancer. It also acts as an immunosuppressive agent in the context of organ transplantation.
UsesMacrolide immunosuppressant; derivative of Rapamycin. Inhibits cytokine-mediated lymphocyte proliferation.
General DescriptionA stable-labeled internal standard for the immunosuppressant Everolimus, marketed as Zortress? and Certican for use in organ transplantation and Afinitor? for treatment of kidney and pancreatic cancers. Clinical laboratories quantitate everolimus levels in patient whole blood samples using LC-MS/MS. While many everolimus LC-MS/MS methods use 32-desmethoxyrapamycin or ascomycin as an internal standard, higher levels of variability / lower levels of reproducibility may occur in the analysis along with the potential for interferences. Use of a stable-labeled analog of everolimus is the best choice to minimize variability or mitigate any potential interference in LC-MS/MS analysis.
EveroliMus-d4 Preparation Products And Raw materials
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