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Actinium Basic information
Product Name:Actinium
Synonyms:actinium atom
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Mol File:7440-34-8.mol
Actinium Structure
Actinium Chemical Properties
Melting point 1050 ±50°
Boiling point bp ~3300°
density d25 10.07
form silvery metal
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MSDS Information
Actinium Usage And Synthesis
DescriptionActinium-227 occurs in uranium ore and is a decay product of uranium-235. It is found in equilibrium with its decay products. It is prepared by bombarding radium atoms with neutrons. Chemically, the metal is produced by reducing actinium fluoride with lithium vapor at 1,100℃ to 1,300℃.
AcF3+Li→Ac + 3LiF
The element was discovered independently by A. Debierne and F. Giesel in 1899 and 1902, respectively. It is used in nuclear reactors as a source of neutrons.
Chemical PropertiesSilvery metal; cubic crystal; melts at 1,051°C; vaporizes at 3,198°C; density 10.0 g/cm3
ReactionsActinium behaves like lanthanum forming mostly the trivalent salts of the metal. It is strongly electropositive, the first ionization potential being 5.17eV. Reacts with HCl forming AcCl3; also reacts with organic acids forming corresponding salts; combustion in air can produce oxide and nitride; susceptible to react with CO2 forming carbonate.
HazardToxicity: Exposure to radiation can cause cancer.
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