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Etifelmine Basic information
Product Name:Etifelmine
Synonyms:2-benzhydrylidenebutan-1-amine;2-Diphenylmethylenebutylamine;2-Ethyl-3,3-diphenyl-2-propenylamine;EDPA;Etifelmin;Etifelmine;1-Butanamine, 2-(diphenylmethylene)-
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Mol File:341-00-4.mol
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OriginatorEtifelmine,Giulini,W. Germany,1963
DefinitionChEBI: Etifelmine is a diarylmethane.
Manufacturing Process(a) Preparation of 2-ethyl-3-hydroxy-3,3-diphenyl-propylamine: 10 g of 2- ethyl-3-hydroxy-3,3-diphenyl-propionitrile are dissolved in 200 ml of methanol. 10 ml of acetic acid are added to the mixture, and the mixture is hydrogenated in the presence of platinum as catalyst. After the hydrogen uptake or consumption has ceased, the reaction is interrupted, the catalyst is filtered off and the filtrate is evaporated in vacuo to dryness. The residue is dissolved in water and, after the addition of 1 ml of hydrochloric acid, the solution extracted with ether. The acidified ether-phase is discarded. The aqueous phase is made alkaline with ammonia, whereby the base crystallizesout. The crystals are recovered and recrystallized from methanol. The melting point of the 2-ethyl-3-hydroxy-3,3-diphenyl-propylamine thereby obtained is 132°C.
(b) Preparation of 2-ethyl-3,3-diphenyl-1-amino-propene-(2)-hydrochloride: 5 g of 2-ethyl-3-hydroxy-3,3-diphenyl-propylamine are dissolved in 50 ml of acetic acid. Gaseous hydrogen chloride is passed through the solution for 10 minutes, and thereafter the solution is boiled for one hour under reflux. The solution is then distilled to dryness. The residue is dissolved in water and the acidified solution extracted with ether. The aqueous phase is separated, made alkaline with ammonia and extracted with ether. The ether phase is dried over sodium sulfate, the ether distilled off and the residue is dissolved in methanolic hydrogen chloride. On the addition of absolute ether, the hydrochloride of 2-ethyl-3,3-diphenyl-1-amino-propene-(2) is crystallized out. The crystalline substance thereby obtained has a melting point of 232°C.
Therapeutic FunctionCentral stimulant, Antihypotensive
Etifelmine Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsHydrogen-->Hydrochloric acid
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