nitrogen iodide

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Product Name:nitrogen iodide
Synonyms:nitrogen iodide;NITROGEN TRIIODIDE)
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Mol File:13444-85-4.mol
nitrogen iodide Structure
nitrogen iodide Chemical Properties
form unstable black crystals
Safety Information
HazardClass 1.1A
MSDS Information
nitrogen iodide Usage And Synthesis
Chemical PropertiesBlack, unstable crystals.
HazardExplodes at slightest touch when dry; when handled it should be kept wet with ether. Too sensitive to be used as explosive, because it cannot be stored, handled, or transported safely.
Safety ProfileA severe explosion hazard when shocked, exposed to heat or flame, or by spontaneous chemical reaction. It has no known uses as an explosive because it is far too sensitive in the dry state to store or handle safely. If this material must be worked with, it should be kept wet. A convenient way of keeping it wet is with ether; when it is needed in the dry state, it simply has to be taken out into the open and the ether will evaporate, leaving it perfectly dry. When dry, it wdl explode when given the slightest touch, vibration, or rise in temperature. Even a puff of air lrected into it can cause it to detonate. It is a hgh explosive and is very violent. Incompatible with O3 . H2S, Cl2, Br2, acids. See also IODIDES.
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nitrogen iodide