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DescriptionPolymers are frequently rendered flame resistive by adding phosphorus and halogen compounds or mixtures thereof to them. Some polymers are processed at high temperatures, for example at 250°C or higher. For this reason, many known flame retardants are unsuitable for such applications, since they are too volatile or are not sufficiently heat resistant.
Beryllium forms a great number of organo-phosphinates which have been studied extensively. Suchmaterials have potential as a catalyst in controlling the growth and size of polymers in general and in the production of fireresistant polymers by incorporation of a metallic cation like Be2+.An example is the preparation andmeasurement of the physical properties of suchmaterials using infrared, DTA, and TGA methods of analysis.
The general structure of these organo-phosphinates has been proposed to be a linear but three-dimensional cyclic structure of phosphinate groups to which “R groups? dimethyl, tetramethylene, di-n-butyl, etc.” are attached.
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