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DescriptionStrontium hypophosphite has the molecular formula of Sr(H2PO2)2 and the molecular weight of 170.0631 g/ mol. This salt can be prepared by the aqueous reaction of the carbonate or oxide with H3PO2:
SrO + 2H3PO20Sr(H2PO2)2
The salt is soluble in water (16 g/100 ml at 20°C) so that the solution must be evaporated to obtain crystals.
The structure of monoclinic strontium dihydrogenphosphinate, Sr(H2PO2)2 consists of layers of hypophosphite anions and metal cations exhibiting square antiprismatic coordination by O atoms. The Sr atoms are located on sites with point symmetry 21. Within the layers, each anion bridges four metal cations.
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