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Product Name:beryllium phosphide
Synonyms:beryllium phosphide;Einecs 261-137-1
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Mol File:58127-61-0.mol
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DescriptionBeryllium phosphide has the formula of Be3P2 and the molecular weight of 88.9841 g/mol. It can be prepared by reaction of the elements, but not from aqueous solution:
12Be + 2P4 ? 4Be3P2
Red phosphorus melts at 317.3 C and the boiling point is 553°C so that addition of Be metal serves to form the phosphide. By adding Be to P4 at about 350°C, but less than the phosphorus sublimation temperature of 415°C in an inert atmosphere, the melt readily forms the phosphide. A better way is to sublime the P4 at 450°C in an inert gas stream and react it with Be metal at 750°C. Be3P2 has the CAS number 58127-61-0. It is a brown powder having a slight odor of garlic. Once formed, Be3P2 is very stable. However, it reacts slowly with moisture to form phosphine, PH3 (which is toxic and flammable), and must be stored under dry conditions.
UsesBeryllium phosphide is a semiconductor and has been studied by XRD methods using powder or a crystal, and by neutron diffraction from powder. example, is 160% wider. It is for this reason that beryllium phosphide films or composites have found little usage in the industry.
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