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Lead Sulfate Tribasic

$9.10 / 1KG

  • 1KG
Min. Order: 1KG
Purity: 99%
Cas No.: 104-29-0
Supply Ability: 10 ton
  • Product Name: Lead Sulfate Tribasic
  • CAS No.:104-29-0
  • EC-No.:203-192-6
  • Min. Order:1KG
  • Purity: 99%
  • Supply Ability:10 ton
  • Release date:2021/12/01
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Product Advantage

Best Price Tribasic Lead Sulphate /Lead Sulfate Tribasic for PVC Stabilizer Factory CAS 12202-17-4

1.Tribasic Lead Sulfate 
2.white fine powder 

3.mainly used for opaque rigid and flexible PVC products. 

Technical Index


PbO content(plumbum oxidant)


SO3 content


water content


Sieve residue (75μm sieve)



 It is lead base stabilizer containing good internal and external lubricant effect. quick plasticization.It is used for producing PVC pipe fittings ,profile,cable and so on, it has excellent processing performance for calendaring molding. It will not effect the flatness, bright and clean, even thickness of the product when the filling material has a fluctuation. Often, do not need to add other lubricants.


  • Business model:Trader,Manufacturer
  • CB index: 58
  • Telephone: 19930504644 whatsapp +8619930504644
  • Fax: 86-0311-66562153
  • Mobile: 19930504644
  • Address: No.108 Zhongshan West Road, Qiaoxi District

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