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Postion:Product Catalog >Chemical Reagents>Organic reagents>Esters>Methyl ester compound> Benzeneacetic acid, a-acetyl-, methyl ester

Benzeneacetic acid, a-acetyl-, methyl ester

$60.00-100.00 / PCS

  • 1000PCS
  • 25PCS
  • 1KG
Min. Order: 1KG
Purity: 99%
Cas No.: 16648-44-5
Supply Ability: 100ton/month
  • Product Name: Benzeneacetic acid, a-acetyl-, methyl ester
  • CAS No.:16648-44-5
  • EC-No.:234-232-0
  • Min. Order:1KG
  • Purity:99%
  • Supply Ability:100ton/month
  • Release date:2021/08/06
Product Advantage
Product   NameBenzeneacetic acid, a-acetyl-,   methyl ester
SynonymsBenzeneacetic acid,CAS:16648-44-5;BMK POWDER bmk white powder 3-Oxo-2-PhenylbutanaMide BMK;16648-44-5 methyl α-acetylphenylacetate;BMK Glycidate powder 16648-44-5 manufacturer supplier suppliers factory;BMK Glycidate;Methyl  2-phenylacetoacetate;BMK Glycidate Methyl 2-phenylacetoacetate;BMK Benzeneacetic acidcas16648-44-5 white powder 3-Oxo-2-PhenylbutanaMide BMK
CAS NO16648-44-5
Molecular FormulaC11H12O3
Molecular Weight192.21
Melting Point  58.5-59.0 °C
Boiling Point 92-96 °C(Press: 0.6   Torr)
Flash Point 110.9±21.8 ºC
Density 1±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
GradeTechnical Grade, Medicine Grade
SolubilitySlightly soluble (2.7 g/L) (25 ºC), Calc.*
AppearanceWhite powder
StorageKeep in a cool and dry place
UsageUsed as a pharmaceutical raw material

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