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江苏巨能机械有限公司 Company Information

Company Name:    Yixing Filtering Equipment Factory
Tel:    0510-87501891
Fax:    0510-87501218
Nationality:    China
Product List:    173
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Product List
Vacuum balance gas-liquid separation drain tank
Horizontal blade filter
Biodiesel special separator
Heat transfer oil heating reactor
WZLH horizontal gravityless mixer
Natural pigment separator
Dry powder mixer
Tri-roller grinder
Vibrated sifting filter
Biodiesel separator
WSLH horizontal ribbon mixer
Automatic plate type closed filter MYB type
Horizontal blade filter SYB series
Real stone paint special equipment
Steam heating reaction vessel
Filter Cartridge TL Series
Electrical heating reaction vessel
Filter type precision filter
Starch separator
Starch centrifuge
Oil industry DHZ
WQM horizontal ball mill
Fine filter
Reactor heat exchanger
High viscosity thick paddle type coating dispersion mixing equipment
KYDH mineral oil separator
Pressureless glue reactor
Horizontal cardboard fine filter
Closed blade type liquid sulfur filter
DU type rubber belt vacuum filter
DY belt press filter
KG type liquid filter
PE tube filter
Plate type closed filter
Stainless steel activated carbon filter
DU rubber belt vacuum filter
HT vacuum filter
DNY belt type concentrated press filter
Large filter filter
Belt type concentrated press filter
GDDLL type dynamic filter
KG double cylinder heterogeneous filter
KG self-priming filter
PA precision filter
Multi-bag filter
Multifunctional dryer
PE microporous precision filter
Plateboard filter
Plate type closed automatic slag filter
DY press filter
DZY vacuum-press filter
HT type external circulation filter
Stainless steel cardboard filter
Super essential oil filter
Diatomaceous earth filter filter
Stainless steel precision liquid filter
Belt filter
PE series microporous precision filter
Marine disc separator
Belt vacuum filter
Precision liquid filter
Polypropylene frame filter
Plate and frame filter
Plate and frame precision filter
Multi-function washing machine
Centrifugal mixing pump
Tube condenser
Stainless steel filter
Paint tank
Multi-functional filter
Celite filter
Chemical industry separator
Waste water filter
Polypropylene precision filter
Sand mill
Double filter
Biaxial mixer
High shear coating machinery production equipment
High capacity filter powder
High-speed dispersion machine
Horizontal plate and frame filter
Filter bag stainless steel filter
Chemical solution filter
Activated carbon filter
Rotary brush continuous filter
Filter press
Sandwich bag filter
Continuous horizontal vacuum belt filter
Liquid filter
Filter bag filter
Closed sander
Concentrated press filter
Folding filter
Centrifugal pump
Continuous filter
Spherical rotor pump
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