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广州美威化工有限公司 Company Information

Company Name:    Guangzhou US Granville Chemical Co., Ltd.
Tel:    0086-20-87467476 87467426
Fax:    0086-20-87467429
Nationality:    China
Product List:    59

Product List
ES self-leveling color floor paint
High-grade interior wall latex paint
latex paint
Acrylic oily exterior wall protection paint
Plastic chassis paint
PU metal paint cover finish
Matte wood truss
ES anti-static color floor paint
Elastic latex paint
Epoxy close primer
Exterior wall oily alkali resistant primer
Yellowing resistant to semi-dumb
Scrub interior latex paint
Transparent putty
Yellowing resistance
This paint is nitro
Insulation energy-saving latex paint
Acrylic latex paint for exterior wall
Acrylic plastic paint
Fluorocarbon metal coating
Yellowing resistant crystal primer
Plastic gloss finish
UV non-curing varnish
Transparent primer
Matte plastic topcoat
Crystal primer
High-gloss lacquer wood
Wall paint instead of rock material
Close primer,basic resistant
Luxury interior wall silk latex paint
Silk interior latex paint
Rubber oil
Fluoro-carbon paint
Water-based metallic paint
Rubber paint
Fluorocarbon metallic paint
Yellowing resistant wood lacquer
Colored floor paint
Silk latex paint
Polyurethane exterior wall protective paint
Fluorocarbon metal paint cover finish
Bright white finish
White water
Plastic paint
Acrylic alcohol resistant plastic paint
King Kong matte floor paint
Two-component special wear-resistant diamond matte floor paint
Two-component special wear-resistant diamond crystal floor paint
Matte white finish
Exterior wall water-based alkali-resistant sealing primer
Elastic exterior latex paint
PU color floor paint
ES color floor paint
Internal wall anti-alkali sealing primer
PU metallic paint
Semi-matte wood truss
Yellowing resistance
Sky water

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