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佛山市鲸鲨化工有限公司 Company Information

Company Name:    Foshan Jingsha Chemical Co.,Ltd
Tel:    0757-82216072
Fax:    +86-0757-82208873
Nationality:    China
Product List:    86

Product List
Amino paint
Amino resin 9003-08-1
Unsaturated polyester resin
Alkyd paint
Floor coating
Soybean oil modified short oil alkyd resin
PB polybutadiene anodic electrophoretic paint
Amino paint
Poly(acrylic acid) 9003-01-4
Red lead alkyd antirust paint
Epoxy self-leveling floor coating
Lead monoxide 1317-36-8
Special equipment for mechanical equipment
Various color alkyd primer
Soybean oil short oil alkyd resin
Polyurethane hammer paint
Polyurethane varnish
Short oil alkyd resin
Polyester coating
Quick-drying alkyd
Acrylic baking paint for metal
Acrylic paint
Magnetic paint
Soybean oil fatty acid modified alkyd resin
Water-soluble electrophoretic paint
Powder coating
Modified short-degree alkyd resin
Synthetic fatty acid alkyd resin
High hardness polyester decoration paint
Curing agent S01-6
Car paint varnish
Car paint varnish PU
Lead(II) carbonate basic 1319-46-6
Lead 7439-92-1
Pipeline system adhesive
Dry enamel
lead oxide 1314-41-6
Anti-static coating of terrace
Modified alkyd resin
4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid 98-67-9
Epoxy pure phenolic electrophoresis paint
Epoxy ester insulating paint
Polyurethane enamel
Coconut oil fatty acid modified short-degree alkyd resin
Polyester varnish
Polyester crystal paint for floor
Car spray metal paint
Light metal adhesion protection primer
Medium paint
Car paint
Water-based epoxy terrace coating
Melamine alkyd immersion insulated quick-drying paint
Isobutyl ether melamine formaldehyde resin
Heavy anticorrosive terrace coating
Saturated fatty acid modified short oil alkyd resin
acrylic resin coatings
Modified oil-free alcohol resin
Hu powder
Phenolic epoxy resin 61788-97-4
Huang Biao
Insulating paint
Automobile paint
Fatty acid modified short oil alkyd resin
Mercury(II) sulfide 1344-48-5
Alkyd drying varnish
Alkyd paint
ALKYD RESIN 63148-69-6
Low triphenyl content soybean oil short oil alkyd resin
Antirust paint
Curing agent S01-5
Synthetic fat
Epoxy electrophoretic paint
Fast drying solvent-free drip insulation resin
Aluminum and zinc special primer 908
Various color nitrocellulose exterior enamel Q04-2
Melamine alkyd impregnating varnish
Yu Zhu
Coating of terrace
Antirust paint
Insulating paint
Magnetic paint

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