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桐乡市满江红贸易有限公司 Company Information

Company Name:    Tongxiang Manjianghong Textile Auxiliary Factory
Tel:    0573-88719990
Fax:    0573-88712680
Nationality:    China
Product List:    111
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Product List
Stripping tablets
Stripping agent HB
Super cool elastic agent HLC-701
Non-silicone softener
Substitute base HLB-701
Chelating agent HLE-101
Dye-fixing agent
Slip silicone oil HLC-203
Low temperature soaping agent HLB-505
Low temperature degreaser HLA-101
Replacement bases HLB-702
base catalyst
Reductive cleaner
Silicone oil release agent HF
Silicon softener
Soap oil HLA-102
Finishing agent
Multifunctional scouring agent HLA-304
Windproof agent HLC-802
Scouring agent HLA-303
Dye leveller for cotton
Slip agent HLC-101
Down-proof finish
Windproof agent HLC-801
Functional finishing agent
Artificial leather additives
Penetrating agent
Scouring agent
Anti-staining cleaning agent
color fixing agent Y
Wicking agents HLC-702
Reducing cleaning agent HLB-601
Penetrant HLA-201
Fiber softener HLC-104
Liquid substitute base HLB-703
Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer HLA-401
Oxidation desizing agent HLA-305
Soaping agent HLB-501
Wetting leveling agent HLC-9565A
One bath dye base HLB-704
Soaping agent HLB-504
Alkali weight reduction accelerant
Cotton leveling agent HLB-101
Silky waxy treatment agent HLC-200
Anionic silicone oil HLC-202
Levelling agent,high temperature
Acid dyestuff levelling agent
Pretreatment agent
Scouring agent HLA-301
Hydrophilic silicone HLC-201
HLA-202 penetrant
Putty HLB-405
Nylon white antifouling agent HLE-202
Flame retardant HLC-301
Softener HLC-101
stabilizer of hydrogen peroxide
Dyeing aid
Defoamer HP
Flossing softener HLC-103
Softener HLE-103
Soaping agent HLB-502
Printing aid
Stripping wool scales agent HLA-601
Bath Po HLB-901
Water and oil amphoteric slip agent HLC-101
Penetrant HLA-203
Printing and dyeing auxiliary
Brightener HLC-601
Acrylic printing soap lotion HLE-203
Fur aid
Bath softener HLB-902
Silk white antifouling agent HLE-201
Flame retardant HLC-300
Anti-wrinkle resin HLC-301
Flame retardant HLC-501
Cellulose printing soap lotion HLE-204
Alkali reduction accelerator HLA-501
Penetrant HLA-204
Oil removal agent
Chelating disperse agent
Scouring agent HLA-302
Fluffy silicone oil HLC-204
Chelating dispersant HLE-102
Special additives
Flame retardant HLC-503
Bath softener HLB-903
Cotton aldehyde-free fixing agent HLB-801
Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer HLA-402
Anti-wrinkle agent
Resin finishing agent
Degreaser HLA-103
Antistatic agent HLC-401
Leveling agent HLB-301
Chelating agent HLE-102
Softener HLC-102
High temperature leveling agent HLB-401
Degreasing penetrant HLA-202
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