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上海新东周涂料工业有限公司 Company Information

Company Name:    Shanghai Xin Dong Zhou Paint Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Tel:    +86-21-59756851 59756852 59756853
Fax:    +86-21-59756858
Nationality:    China
Product List:    56

Product List
Transparent putty
Waterborne plastic paint
Water-based sealing primer
Car fill
Thinner NC
NC primer
NC edge white primer
Thinner PU
Anti-cracking oil
Coloring Agent
Red cracked paint
Water-based fire retardant paint
Matte finish
Acid-free varnish
Plastic gold oil
Water curtain waste liquid treatment liquid
Baking thinner
NC color primer
Color primer
Matte finish
Oily fire retardant coating
Hardener PE
Waterborne wood lacquer
Blackboard paint
Epoxy-based transparent soil
NC topcoat
Bright color paint
PE primer
Clear water finish
PP special primer
NC bright transparent finish
Bright transparent finish
Transparent primer
Thinner AC
Transparent topcoat
Matte transparent finish
Hardener AC
Insulating varnish
FRP soil
The aqueous crack resistance
Anti-white water
Acrylic coating
Electrostatic diluent NC
NC white background
Transparent fill
Bamboo and wood products
Aqueous acrylic
Thinner PE
200# solvent
Bamboo wood product security agent
Thinner UV
Bright color finish
Black paint

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