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회사 명:Fu Shunde City Fine Chemical Industries Limited of
전화:86-21-62058113 62032850
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제품 카탈로그

Leveling agent
Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer STB
LEAD STEARATE스테아린산 납1072-35-1C36H70O4Pb
Film SF-20
White soap oil E-80
Low foaming oil
Chelating dispersant CG200
Crease prevention agent SF-3016
Insurance powder FL
Softening agent in a bath of dye
Water-drawing agent
Barium stearate스테아린산바륨6865-35-6C36H70BaO4
Dye-fixing agent,no formaldehyde
Polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive[CH2CHCOOCH3]n
Bis(isoglycolic acid isooctyl)butyl tin
Desizing scouring agent
Dibutyltin dilaurate디-n-부틸틴디라우레이트77-58-7C32H64O4Sn
Plastic auxiliary
Dyeing agent
High temperature leveling agent A-10
Anti-settle agent for paint
Printing aid
Disodium 4,4'-bis(2-sulfostyryl)biphenyl2,2'-((1,1'-비페닐)-4,4'-디일디-2,1-에텐디일)비스- 벤젠술폰 산 디나트륨 염27344-41-8C28H23NaO6S2
Acrylic fiber dyeing agent AN
Stiffening resin
Soaping agent
Cylinder detergent
Penetrant OTP
Strong boiled powder
Go to the oil spirit FH-Q01
Ammonia softener
Fluorescent brightener 4BB
Bleach stabilizer
Film SR
Fixing agent MRT
Heat stabilizer
Thickener PTA
Wetting Penetrant FH-Q03
Acid leveling agent WX
Fluorescent essence XFR
Adhesive FH-98
Alkali weight reduction accelerant
Low foaming oil E-90
Penetrating agent
Wetting Penetrant LSN
Thiourea dioxide이산화티오요소1758-73-2CH4N2O2S
Penetrating agent JFC-2
Low yellowing ammonia softener
Acrylic retarder
In addition to retention agent
Ultra-low formaldehyde non-iron finishing resin
Feminine softener
Mercerizing penetrant CM-10
Wetting Penetrant OTP
Crease prevention agent
Alkali reduction accelerator FN
stabilizer of hydrogen peroxide
Chelating disperse agent
Strong decoction powder FH-757
Acrylic whitening agent BC
Dibutyltin maleateC12H20O4Sn
Tribasic lead sulfate
Ammonia softener 1026
Film SL-8
Through oil leakage
Sodium dithionite히드로아황산 나트륨7775-14-6Na2O4S2
Viscosity reducer
Antistatic agent PA
Degreaser DSG
Flapping agent FH-12
Anti-reducing agent
Expanding accelerant
Hydrophilic amino silicone oil
Wetting Penetrant JFC-2
Dispersing agent DA
Strong degreaser
Ammonia softener 1026H
High-temperature leveling agent UF-350
Wool leveling agent
Defoamer K-325
High temperature leveling agent
Defoamer FH-470
Wetting penetrant
Dibasic lead phthalate
Thickening agent
Dye-fixing agent
Acid leveling agent
Fluorescent Brightener BCC32H26N12Na2O6S2
Expanding agent DF-300
Oyster sauce
Strong degreaser FH-100
Disperse leveling agent
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