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Company Name:Marko Shanghai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Total:77
CB Index:54
Product Name MF CAS Details
Film antirust oil Details
Paint remover Details
Skim powder Details
NA Details
Detergent,industrial Details
Iron phosphating solution Fe Details
Zinc manganese phosphating solution MnZn Details
Steel activator Details
Coagulant for paint fog Details
Cutting oil Details
Honing oil Details
Rust preventing oil Details
Degreaser,acidic Details
Rust-proof cleaning agent Details
Surface conditioner Details
Composite scale inhibitor Details
Tapping oil Details
Degreasing phosphating solution Details
Electronic cleaning agent Details
Pickling degreaser Details
Water-based antirust agent Details
Multifunctional phosphating solution Details
Emulsified cutting oil (for aluminum alloy) Details
Antiscale dispersant C7H6O5 Details
Sealing antirust oil Details
Phosphatizing liquid Details
Steel plant corrosion and scale inhibitor Details
Emulsified cutting oil (extreme pressure type) Details
Aluminum paint stripper Details
Broaching oil Details
Ternary phosphating solution Details
Compound sterilization algaecide Details
Aluminum alloy cleaning agent Details
Magnesium alloy cleaning agent Details
Cleaner,multi-functional Details
Circuit board cleaning agent Details
Synthetic grinding fluid Details
Manganese phosphating solution Mn Details
Zinc calcium phosphating solution CaZn Details
Quenching oil cleaner Details
Thick film phosphating solution Details
Normal temperature color film phosphating solution Details
Manganese-based surface preparation Details
Chrome-free passivation solution Details
Semi-synthetic grinding cutting fluid Details
Black surface adjustment Details
Oilfield reinjection water special scale inhibitor Details
Phosphating solution Details
High efficiency gray water scale inhibitor Details
Zinc phosphating solution Zn Details
Plastic paint remover Details
Brushing phosphating solution Details
High efficiency cleaning agent Details
Copper polishing agent Cu Details
Dehydration antirust oil Details
Rust remover Details
Special corrosion and scale inhibitor for heating water Details
Antirust oil,hard coat Details
Antirust and cutting oil Details
Low hardness water corrosion and scale inhibitor Details
Water-based antirust powder Details
Power plant special corrosion and scale inhibitor Details
Germicide and algicide Details
Metal cleaner Details
Water quality stabilizer Details
Metalworking fluid Details
Cutting liquor,synthetic Details
Antirust agent Details
Antiscale and inhibitor Details
Fully synthetic cutting fluid Details
Boiler special corrosion and scale inhibitor Details
Prefilming agent Details
Emulsified cutting fluid Details
Synthetic grinding fluid Details
Semi-synthetic cutting fluid Details
Metal surface treatment agent Details
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