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Product Total:199
CB Index:62
      BECKMANN-KENKO GMBH YOUR STRATEGIC PARTNER FOR HARD-TO-FIND SPECIALITY CHEMICALS BECKMANN-KENKO GmbH is a joint venture between Beckmann Chemikalien KG in Germany founded in 1977 and Kenko Corporation in Japan founded in 1965. We are a young and ambitious import/export company. Acting independently and on behalf of a selected number of internationally renowned principals, we resource and market speciality chemicals. Located in Bassum, Germany we also have our own office in Shanghai, China and warehouse facilities of 3000 square meters within the port of Bremen - which include the permission to store all kinds of dangerous goods - as well as rented warehouse facilities in New Jersey, USA and Shanghai, China. This gives us a strong qualification for supply just in time. BECKMANN-KENKO GmbH earned its respect in speciality chemical trade by treating the customers' inquiries / requirements confidential and unique. Our company established the basis to tailor our worldwide sourcing and marketing strength to our partners' needs and collaborate with them to come up to convincing solutions. We cooperate with a number of research institutes and different universities. With these strong supports we have commercialized series of fine and specialty chemicals according to our customers' requirements. We can offer chemicals for various fields of application: - APIs and Pharmaceutical Intermediates - Plastics and Petrochemicals - Food Additives and Ingredients - Health Supplements - Cosmetics - Flavours and Fragrances - Technical and other Applications You are welcome to have a look at our catalogue of fine specialty chemicals and if you have any special demands please feel free to contact us.
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Product Name MF CAS Details
Dimethyl disulfide C2H6S2 624-92-0 Details
DL-Norvaline C5H11NO2 760-78-1 Details
DL-Pantolactone C6H10O3 79-50-5 Details
D-Mannose C6H12O6 3458-28-4 Details
Dodecanedioic acid C12H22O4 693-23-2 Details
Dodecanedioic acid dimethyl ester C14H26O4 1731-79-9 Details
D-Pantolactone C6H10O3 599-04-2 Details
D-Xylose C5H10O5 58-86-6 Details
Erythritol C4H10O4 149-32-6 Details
Ethyl Acetoacetate C6H10O3 141-97-9 Details
Ethyl-8-bromooctanoate C10H19BrO2 29823-21-0 Details
Fructooligosaccharide 223122-07-4 Details
Fructose C6H12O6 57-48-7 Details
Fructose corn syrup (50%, 55%, 90%) C6H12O6 8029-43-4 Details
gamma-Linolenic acid C18H30O2 506-26-3 Details
Gingko biloba extract 90045-36-6 Details
Glutathione Yeast Extract (8%, 15%, 50%) Details
Glycine C2H5NO2 56-40-6 Details
Grape seed extract C32H30O11 84929-27-1 Details
Heat transfer fluides Details
Hexachlorophene C13H6Cl6O2 70-30-4 Details
Hydrazine dihydrochloride Cl2H6N2 5341-61-7 Details
Hydrotalcite, synthetic; DHT4 A CO3.2HMgO.4H2MgO2.4H2O.2AlH3O3 11097-59-9 Details
Hydroxylamine-o-sulfonic acid H3NO4S 2950-43-8 Details
Hydroxypropyl cellulose C3H7O * 9004-64-2 Details
Industrial oils Details
Inositol C6H12O6 87-89-8 Details
Inulin C18H32O16 9005-80-5 Details
Ion exchange resins Details
Iso-Propanol (IPA) C3H8O 67-63-0 Details
L-(+)-Ribose; Ribose C5H10O5 24259-59-4 Details
L-Arabinose C5H10O5 5328-37-0 Details
L-Carvone C10H14O 6485-40-1 Details
L-Cysteine C3H7NO2S 52-90-4 Details
L-Glutathione reduced C20H32N6O12S2 70-18-8 Details
Linoleic acid C18H32O2 60-33-3 Details
Linoleic acid ethyl ester C20H36O2 544-35-4 Details
Lutein C40H56O2 127-40-2 Details
Lysozyme C11H20NO6- 9001-63-2 Details
Magnesium stearate C36H70CaO4 1592-23-0 Details
Maleic anhydride C4H2O3 108-31-6 Details
Maltose C12H22O11 69-79-4 Details
m-Chloroacetophenone C8H7ClO 99-02-5 Details
m-Chlorophenol C6H5ClO 108-43-0 Details
Methylene chloride CH2Cl2 75-09-2 Details
Molecular sieves AlKO6Si2 1327-44-2 Details
Mono chlorobenzene; MCB C6H5Cl 108-90-7 Details
Mupirocin C26H44O9 1265069-0 Details
N-(2-Aminoethyl)-3-aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane C8H22N2O2Si 3069-29-2 Details
N-(2-Aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane C8H22N2O3Si 1760-24-3 Details
N,N-Dimethylamino propyl methyl dimethoxysilane Details
N-Butoxymethylacrylamide C8H15NO2 1852-16-0 Details
Neoheptanoic acid C7H14O2 95823-36-2 Details
N-Phenyl-p-phenylenediamine C12H12N2 101-54-2 Details
o-Dichlorobenzene; ODCB C6H4Cl2 95-50-1 Details
Oleic acid C18H34O2 112-80-1 Details
Organic peroxides Details
Perchlorotheylene C2Cl4 127-18-4 Details
Phloroglucinol C6H6O3 108-73-6 Details
Phosphorous tribromide Br3P 7789-60-8 Details
p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde C7H6O2 123-08-0 Details
p-Hydroxybenzoic acid C7H6O3 99-96-7 Details
Phythic acid C6H18O24P6 83-86-3 Details
Phytosphingosine C18H39NO3 554-62-1 Details
Polyallylamine C3H7N 30551-89-4 Details
Polyallylamine hydrochloride C3H8ClN 71550-12-4 Details
Polymyxin B sulfate C56H100N16O17S 1405-20-5 Details
p-tert-Butylphenol C10H14O 98-54-4 Details
Pullulan C20H36O16 9057-02-7 Details
Pyromellitic acid dianhydride C10H2O6 89-32-7 Details
Saccharin sodium salt C7H5NNaO3S 128-44-9 Details
Silica gel O2Si 7631-86-9 Details
Sodium alginate C5H7O4COONa 9005-38-3 Details
Sodium stearyl fumarate C22H39NaO4 4070-80-8 Details
Soy protein isolate C13H10N2 9010-10-0 Details
Stevia rebaudiana extract 91722-21-3 Details
Stevia stevioside C38H60O18 57817-89-7 Details
Suberic acid C8H14O4 505-48-6 Details
Suberic acid dimethyl ester C10H18O4 1732-09-8 Details
Sucralose C12H19Cl3O8 56038-13-2 Details
Taurine C2H7NO3S 107-35-7 Details
Tert-Butylacetoacetate C8H14O3 1694-31-1 Details
tert-Butylhydroperoxide; TBHP C4H10O2 76-91-2 Details
Tetradecanedioic acid C14H26O4 821-38-5 Details
Thaumtin 53850-34-3 Details
Titaniumtrichloride Cl2Ti 7705-07-9 Details
Trehalose C12H22O11 99-20-7 Details
Trimethylsulfoxonium iodide C3H9IOS 1774-47-6 Details
Triphenylphosphine oxide C18H15OP 791-28-6 Details
Trisamine C4H11NO3 77-86-1 Details
Undecylenic acid C11H20O2 112-38-9 Details
Undecylenic monoethanolamide C13H25NO2 20545-92-0 Details
UV absorber C20H25N3O 36437-37-3 Details
Vanillic acid C8H8O4 121-34-6 Details
Vinylene carbonate C3H2O3 872-36-6 Details
Xylitol C5H12O5 87-99-0 Details
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