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      Nanjing BioDe Co., Ltd, is one of the leading exporters and distributors for herb Extract products in China. We work closely with a selected group of factories in China. All the products which we supply are manufactured and analyzed by a highly qualified and experienced team of chemists ensuring quality products to the valued clients all over the world. The dedicated people and new innovative manufacturing technologies of our contracted factories have enabled our company to supply the highest quality products to our customers worldwide. Nanjing BioDe Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in selling plant extract, veterinary intermediates, all kinds of Leech products and raw medicine materials in domestic and overseas markets. Our main products are: Plant extracts, leeches and leech related products. The Nanjing BioDe Co., Ltd believes that products quality can establish the brand; Honesty will bring the reputation and good services may create the value. We commit to continuous improvement, distribution process, quality control and process management. Complying with all applicable regulations, we can guarantee our ability to provide quality products and services for our clients.
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Product Name MF CAS Details
Epimedium Extract C33H40O15 489-32-7 Details
Scutellaria baicalensis P.E. C21H18O11 21967-41-9 Details
Soybean Extract C15H10O2 574-12-9 Details
Aloe Vera extract C21H22O9 1415-73-2 Details
Ginseng Extract C15H24N2O 90045-38-8 Details
Ashwagandha extract C28H38O6 30655-48-2 Details
Astragalus Extract C41H68O14 84687-43-4 Details
Cranberry Extract C27H31O16 84082-34-8 Details
Black Rice extract C15H11ClO6 528-58-5 Details
Elderberry Extract 84603-58-7 Details
Boswelia Serrata extract C30H48O3 471-66-9 Details
Broccoli extract C6H11NOS2 4478-93-7 Details
Capsicum Extract C18H27NO3 404-86-4 Details
Garcinia Cambogia Extract C6H8O8 6205-14-7 Details
Gymnema Sylvestre extract 90045-47-9 Details
Hawthorn Fruit Extract 84603-61-2 Details
Huperzine Serrate Extract C15H18N2O 102518-79-6 Details
Kelp extract C42H58O6 3351-86-8 Details
Maca extract C15H24N2O 519-02-8 Details
Mangosteen Extract Details
Marigold Extract 84776-23-8 Details
Mulberry Leaf extract C6H13NO4 19130-96-2 Details
Olive leaf extract C25H32O13 32619-42-4 Details
Rhodiola Rosea Extract 97404-52-9 Details
Shiitake Mushroom Extract (C42H70O35)n 37339-90-5 Details
Stevia leaf Extract C38H60O18 57817-89-7 Details
Synthetic Capsaicin C17H27NO3 2444-46-4 Details
Tribulus Terrestris extract C10H21N3O9 90131-68-3 Details
Turmeric extract C21H20O6 458-37-7 Details
Wild jujube seed extract C52H84O21 55466-05-2 Details
Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract. C14H12O3 501-36-0 Details
Green Tea Extract C7H14N2O3 3081-61-6 Details
Ganoderma lucidum extract 223751-82-4 Details
Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract C13H18O7 62499-27-8 Details
Ginkgo biloba P.E. 90045-36-6 Details
Grape seed P.E. C32H30O11 84929-27-1 Details
Paeoniflorin Extract C23H28O11 23180-57-6 Details
Poria Cocos P.E. 65637-98-1 Details
Pueraria Extract C21H20O10 3681-99-0 Details
Silybin C25H22O10 22888-70-6 Details
SilyMarin C25H22O10 65666-07-1 Details
Wolfberry fruit Extract C5H11NO2 107-43-7 Details