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Company Name:Shandong Xinyu High Technology Material Co.,Ltd
Product Total:42
CB Index:50
Product Name MF CAS Details
2-[(2-Aminoethoxy)-2'-chloro]-diethyl sulfone hydrochloride C6H15Cl2NO3S Details
Gravure composite ink Details
(R)-(+)-Glycidol C3H6O2 57044-25-4 Details
Table India ink Details
Fluorocarbon topcoat Details
Compound printing ink Details
Acrylic polyurethane hull paint Details
Deck paint Details
White gravure ink Details
Antifouling paint of all colors Details
Powder flat pulp Details
Sealing primer Details
Embossed primer Details
Steel structure fireproof coating Details
Epoxy coating of terrace O** Details
Epoxy zinc rich primer Details
Fluoro-carbon paint Details
Silicone-acrylic matt emulsion paint Details
Interior wall paint mildew Details
(Trifluoromethoxy)benzene C7H5F3O 456-55-3 Details
External wall elastic latex paint Details
Tofiso Details
Printing ink Details
Wuxi self-polishing antifouling paint Details
Paper gravure ink Details
ISOBUTYL VINYLACETATE C8H14O2 24342-03-8 Details
XYH-X-5001 thinner Details
Fluorescent agent Details
Acrylic boat antifouling paint Details
Acrylic close primer Details
Acrylic polyurethane cargo tank paint Details
Acrylic polyurethane deck paint Details
Industrial coating Details
Isobutyl epoxy C4H9O** Details
Fluorocarbon finish for construction Details
chorinated rubber bottom rust preventive paint Details
3,5-Dimethylbenzoic acid C9H10O2 499-06-9 Details
3-(Trifluoromethyl)benzonitrile C8H4F3N 368-77-4 Details
Inter-trifluoromethyl chlorohydrazine Details
Polyurethane floor paint Details
Acrylic latex paint for interior wall Details
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