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Product Total:535
CB Index:55
       Hubei XinRunde Chemical Co., Ltd covers an area of 95 acres, the proposed construction of the plant will be GMP standards, the factory environment clean and tidy, rational layout, with large and medium-sized production workshop and repocessed shop. It is equipped with advanced equipment quality inspection and research center. Those products of both quality and technical content have reached the domestic advanced level. Products sell well all over the country and exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia,and so on.
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Product Name MF CAS Details
Hexamidine diisethionate C20H26N4O2.2C2H6O4S 659-40-5 Details
Humic acids C9H8Na2O4 68131-04-4 Details
Hydroxyurea CH4N2O2 127-07-1 Details
Ibuprofen C13H18O2 15687-27-1 Details
Idrocilamide C11H13NO2 6961-46-2 Details
Imidocarb dipropionate C25H32N6O5 55750-06-6 Details
Indomethacin C19H16ClNO4 53-86-1 Details
Inosine C10H12N4O5 58-63-9 Details
Ipradol C22H34N2O10S 3215-70-1 Details
Isonicotinic acid hydrazide C6H7N3O 54-85-3 Details
Kanakion C31H46O2 84-80-0 Details
KASUGAMYCIN C14H25N3O9 6980-18-3 Details
Ketoprofen C16H14O3 22071-15-4 Details
Lacidipine C26H33NO6 103890-78-4 Details
Levetiracetam C8H14N2O2 102767-28-2 Details
Pharmaceutical Intermediates Levofloxacin base CAS 100986-85-4 C18H20FN3O4 100986-85-4 Details
Linocaine hydrochloride C14H25ClN2O2 6108-05-0 Details
Lomefloxacin hydrochloride C17H20ClF2N3O3 98079-52-8 Details
Lysozyme C125H196N40O36S2 12650-88-3 Details
mechlorethamine hydrochloride C5H12Cl3N 55-86-7 Details
Menadione C11H8O2 58-27-5 Details
Metformin hydrochloride C4H12ClN5 1115-70-4 Details
Methylparaben C8H8O3 99-76-3 Details
Miconazole nitrate C18H15Cl4N3O4 22832-87-7 Details
minocycline hydrochloride C23H28ClN3O7 13614-98-7 Details
Moclobemide C13H17ClN2O2 71320-77-9 Details
Montelukast sodium C35H35ClNNaO3S 151767-02-1 Details
Mupirocin C26H44O9 12650-69-0 Details
Niacinamide USP C6H6N2O 98-92-0 Details
Nicotinamide C7H8N2O2 3569-99-1 Details
Nicotinic acid C6H5NO2 59-67-6 Details
Nifuroxazide C12H9N3O5 965-52-6 Details
Nimodipine C21H26N2O7 66085-59-4 Details
Nitrendipine C18H20N2O6 39562-70-4 Details
Nystatin C47H75NO17 1400-61-9 Details
Olaquindox L-Glu-(L-Glu)n-L-Glu 25513-46-6 Details
Oleanic acid C30H48O3 508-02-1 Details
Osthole C15H16O3 484-12-8 Details
Oxytetracycline hydrochloride C22H25ClN2O9 2058-46-0 Details
Paliperidone C19H21ClFNO3 78246-49-8 Details
Pentobarbital sodium C11H17N2NaO3 57-33-0 Details
Perospirone hydrochloride C23H30N4O2S.HCl 129273-38-7 Details
PHENAZOPYRIDINE HCL C11H11N5.ClH 136-40-3 Details
Phenylhydrazine hydrochloride C6H9ClN2 59-88-1 Details
Phytohemagglutinins 9008-97-3 Details
Pioglitazone hcl C19H21ClN2O3S 112529-15-4 Details
Piperazine C4H10N2 110-85-0 Details
Polyethylene-polypropylene glycol C5H10O2 9003-11-6 Details
Potassium benzylpenicillin C16H17KN2O4S 113-98-4 Details
Potassium clavulanate C8H8KNO5 61177-45-5 Details
Potassium Oxonate C4H2KN3O4 2207-75-2 Details
Praziquantel C19H24N2O2 55268-74-1 Details
Pregabalin C8H17NO2 148553-50-8 Details
Primaquine diphosphate C15H27N3O9P2 63-45-6 Details
Propanamide C11H11F3N2O3 13311-84-7 Details
Prostaglandin E1 C20H34O5 745-65-3 Details
Pullulan C20H36O16 9057-02-7 Details
Ranitidine hydrochloride C13H23ClN4O3S 71130-06-8 Details
Retinyl acetate C22H32O2 127-47-9 Details
Ribavirin C8H12N4O5 36791-04-5 Details
Rifaximin C43H51N3O11 80621-81-4 Details
Robenidine hydrochloride C15H14Cl3N5 25875-50-7 Details
Rufloxacin C17H19ClFN3O3S 106017-08-7 Details
Rytmonorm C21H28ClNO3 34183-22-7 Details
silver sulfadiazine C10H9AgN4O2S 22199-08-2 Details
Sodium ascorbate C6H7NaO6 134-03-2 Details
Sodium new houttuyfonate C14H27NaO5S 1847-58-1 Details
Stigmast-5-en-3-ol, (3b)- C29H50O 83-46-5 Details
Sulfamethazine C12H14N4O2S 57-68-1 Details
Sulfamide H4N2O2S 7803-58-9 Details
Sulphaquinoxaline Sodium Powder CAS 967-80-6 C14H11N4NaO2S 967-80-6 Details
Sulfogaiacol C7H7KO5S 1321-14-8 Details
Sulfonium C8H15F6NO4S3 321746-49-0 Details
Superoxide Dismutase NULL 9054-89-1 Details
Tannic acid C76H52O46 1401-55-4 Details
Teicoplanin C78H77Cl2N8O32R 61036-62-2 Details
Tetracycline hydrochloride C22H25ClN2O8 64-75-5 Details
Theophylline C7H8N4O2 58-55-9 Details
Thiamine chloride C12H17ClN4OS 59-43-8 Details
Tiamulin fumarate C32H51NO8S 55297-96-6 Details
Tilmicosin phosphate C46H83N2O17P 137330-13-3 Details
Tiopronin C5H9NO3S 1953-02-2 Details
Tirofiban C22H36N2O5S 144494-65-5 Details
Tolperisone hydrochloride C16H24ClNO 3644-61-9 Details
tranexamic acid C8H15NO2 1197-18-8 Details
Tretinoin C20H28O2 302-79-4 Details
Triprolidine hydrochloride C22H26N2O9 24390-14-5 Details
Tropine C8H15NO 120-29-6 Details
Tulobuterol hydrochloride C12H19Cl2NO 56776-01-3 Details
Ubenimex C16H24N2O4 58970-76-6 Details
CAS 102-65-8 Sulfaclozine C10H9ClN4O2S 102-65-8 Details
Valnemulin C31H54N2O5S 101312-92-9 Details
Vancocine hydrochloride C66H76Cl3N9O24 1404-93-9 Details
Venlafaxine C17H27NO2 93413-69-5 Details
Virginiamycin C71H84N10O17 11006-76-1 Details
Vitamin D2 C28H44O 50-14-6 Details
Viteolin C27H44O3 32222-06-3 Details
warfarin C19H16O4 81-81-2 Details
WIN 55212-2 mesylate C28H30N2O6S 131543-23-2 Details
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