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      We are a manufacturer which has been in High content plant extracts, and Pharmaceutical intermediates line for more than 10 years . Our products are widely used in medicine, health care products, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and food additives areas。Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to the team training and technical reform. Our modern production equipment guarantees for a fast and effective production with a superior degree of accuracy throughout the whole production line-everything is done in-house ( extraction ,custom blending, mixing, granulation, laboratory testing stability testing and all kinds of packaging) ,Strict control of raw materials from the cultivation of harvesting, processing, extraction, packaging and transportation of all links ,ensuring maximum quality and efficiency. We are constantly research and development new ingredients and innovative new products, have earned the respect & admiration from the worldwide customers. After years of continuous development,company has been accumulated rich experience in international trade and customer resources, established a stable customer base and perfect marketing service network. In addition, the company has established long-term technical cooperation with experts and professors from many universities and research institutes in the province. Excellent quality, reasonable price, rapid delivery and good service ensure us to satisfy all kinds of your demands. If you are interested in us, please contact me

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