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      Jiangxi Shamhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Shamhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Huajie technology Co., Ltd., is located in the high-tech zone of Xinyu city, Jiangxi province, China. As a national high-tech company, Jiangxi Shamhai has so far invested RMB1.1 billion in its establishment and expansion. The company covers an area of 300 mu (32 hectares) with a registered capital of RMB100 million and currently has 350 employees. Jiangxi Shamhai develops, manufactures and sells advanced pressure and heat sensitive dyes, agrochemical intermediates and synthetic flavor and fragrance ingredients. The main products in its portfolio are 3-Aminophenol,2-Chlorobenzonitrile, 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde, brominated alkanes, brominated hydroxy acid esters and synthetic F&F ingredients. It is one of the largest manufacturers nationwide of 3-Aminophenol,2-Chlorobenzonitrile,2-Chlorobenzaldehyde and F&F ingredients.
Product Name MF CAS Details
Furaneol C6H8O3 3658-77-3 Details
4-chlorobenzaldehyde C7H5ClO 104-88-1 Details
2-Chlorobenzyl chloride C7H6Cl2 611-19-8 Details
MAP C6H7NO 591-27-5 Details
4-Chlorobenzyl chloride C7H6Cl2 104-83-6 Details
OCBA C7H5ClO 89-98-5 Details
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