• CAS号1337531-36-8
  • 中文名称GSK2606414
  • 英文名称GSK2606414
  • 发布时间2021/5/8 17:01:29


  • 产品名称: GSK2606414
  • 产品英文名称: GSK2606414
  • 有效期: 一年
2021/5/8 17:01:29 GSK2606414 GSK2606414 RMB 一年


Product Name: GSK-2606414

CAS No. : 1337531-36-8

Synonyms: GSK 2606414;GSK-2606414;PERK Inhibitor I


Molecular Formula: C24H20F3N5O

Molecular Weight: 451.44

Appearance: White powder

Purity: >98%

关键字: GSK2606414 ;CAS:1337531-36-8


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