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Wuhan Chemwish Technology Co., Ltd is one of most powerful China’s leading chemical corporations, which can offer customers for more than 50,000 pharmaceutical intermediates. More than 10 years chemical products exported and imported experience, and good relationship with customs and shipment agents ( such like DHL, FedEX, EMS, etc. ), it is easy for us to clear customs and arrange delivery by sea, air and courier.In recent years, we joint with two or three factories, that makes our company can provide the production of a complete set of processes from product research and development, to middle plant, so that can provide high quality service for you. Also, we have a dedicated R & D team can provide you with high quality and efficient service. We even have good cooperation with the scientific research institutions and universities of China, according to your needs synthesis of various pharmaceutical intermediates. Professional R&D technology and equipment which keep products q...

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Research and development of fine chemicals and biological products

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Canada Switzerland United Kingdom The Netherlands India 

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