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Hebei Senko Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional and high-tech enterprise integrating production and export Pharmaceutical Intermediates in Hebei province, our development direction is biological medicine. The products includes Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Chemical Reagent, Pesticides Intermediates, Raw materials of health products, etc. Our products have been exported to America, Britain, Italy, France, Germany, India and Japan. We won honor title of newand high-tech enterprise.Based on strength of manufacturing capability and trading management, we have been providing customers all-round services by focusing on details for each step, such as R&D, quality control, logistics and so on, and would like to continue to provide optimal solutions that are efficient, economic and sustainable.Our tenet is “quality and environment first, then benefit and money”. We strictly obey ISO9001:2008 and GMP standard. In operation, we implement USP, EP, AJI, JP standards. T...

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Biological products technology research and development, technology consulting, technology transfer; Sales of household appliances, environmental protection materials, medical devices (operating with license), metal products (except rare and precious metals), hardware products, building materials, mechanical equipment (except low-speed electric vehicles); Information consulting services (except those requiring special approval); Import and export of goods or technologies (except those prohibited by the state or involving administrative examination and approval); Marketing planning; Design, production, agency of domestic advertising business, release domestic outdoor advertising business( Projects that need to be approved according to law can be operated only after being approved by relevant departments.)

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limited company


United States Germany Russia The Netherlands Switzerland 

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