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Main products: APIs; Carotenoid;Glutathione,Nootropics,NADH,AA2G

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Kono Chem Co.,Ltd is located in Xian, Shaanxi Province, equipped with a number of engineersin Pharmaceutical, Nutrition, Bioengineering, committed themselves tocreate products that meet customer requirements.At present, Konos main products cover pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, scientific research, optoelectronic industry and other fields, marketing in more than 50 countries in the world, mainlyfor the Daewoong, Takeda, CIPLA and other global well-known enterprises.Kono&#...

Business Scope:

Research and development, manufacture (limited to branches) and technical advisory services of biological products, pharmaceutical intermediates, plant extracts and food additives ; Wholesale and retail of agricultural and sideline products, health care articles, chemical raw materials (except flammable and explosive dangerous goods), general merchandise and cosmetics; self-management or agency of import and export business of all kinds of commodities and technologies. (projects can not be carried out unless approved by the relevant departments according to the law )

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Limited Liability Company


United States Brazil Germany Thailand India 

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