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Main products: peptides amino acids

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Sichuan Jiaying Lai Technology Co.,Ltd (Enlai Biotechnology) is a high-tech company officially approved by Chengdu Government since 2014. We take action into the research, development,manufacture distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates including natural amino acids, unnatural amino acids, amino acid derivatives, liquid phase peptides(short chain polypeptide), solid phase peptides(long chain polypeptide). As a leading enterprise in the R&D and manufacture industry, Sichuan Jiaying Lai (Enlai Biotechnology) gathered talents of professionals, senior engineers, university professors and researchers from the industry. We utilize various equipment models for manufacturing (specification coverage from gram to ton), operated in standard R&D laboratory, under comprehensive detection with standardized facilities(including HPLC,GC,HNMR, IC, IR,etc). Sichuan Jiaying Lai(Enlai Biotechnology) follows effective management sy...

Business Scope:

Research and Development of biological products;Bio-tech development, bio-tech service;Sales;Chemical reagents(Ex.hazardous goods) and facilities;Goods and Technology Imports&Exports.

Type of Enterprise:

Private Owned


Turkey Germany United States Japan Switzerland 

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