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Main products: Carbohydrazide,o-Phthalaldehyde,4-hydroxy tempo,Sodium tetraphenylborate,Terephthalaldehyde

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Jinan Finer Chemical Co., Ltd is professional to manufacture and R&D chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals. Company locates in Jinan city new material industry park which is approved by Shandong province government, so the company has great advantages in enterprise credit, finance security, product quality control and cargo export.The pharmaceutical intermediates are mainly applied to anti-cancer, anti-depression, cardiovascular, diabetes and other new medicine. The chemical intermediates mainly refer to heterocyclics and OLED intermediates.The company built new factory to produce new fine chemical materials which are mainly used in water treatment, bactericidal and anti-corrosion, dyes, electronic materials and other industry fields.Finerchem has export & import license, and hazard chemical sales license. The products are exported to America, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe union and other countries or...

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pharmaceutical intermediate fine chemical electronic raw material optical brightener water treatment chemical

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Mexico Thailand South Korea India United States 

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