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Cerium molybdate

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Cerium molybdate
Cerium molybdate structure
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Cerium molybdate
Cerium molybdate
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Cerium molybdate Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Cerium Molybdate is the cerium salt form of molybdate. Cerium molybdenum oxides are an important family of materials, being used as inorganic pigments in paints, plastics and ceramics, and also in catalysis. Cerium molybdate nanowires can be used for active corrosion protection of aluminium alloys. Cerium molybdate containers have the potential to improve the corrosion performance of epoxy coated aluminium alloys. Cerium molybdate may also be a promising cation exchanger, exhibiting little change in its sorption behaviour and infrared spectra after gamma irradiation; it is relatively resistant towards heat, and it is chemically stable. Furthermore, the ion exchange capacity of cerium (IV) molybdate was found to directly depend on the pH of solution. Mixing ratio has little effect on the exchange capacity. It also has some photo-catalyst applications.


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