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Phenolic epoxy resin

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Phenolic epoxy resin
Resin epoxy;EPU-618;EPX-125;Resin M;EPCO-1031;Epoxide resin,E-51;Epoxide resin,E-44;Heloxy Modifier 48;phenolic epoxy resin;Phenolic epoxy resin ISO 9001:2015 REACH
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Phenolic epoxy resin Properties

form Uncured resins are longchained prepolymers that are viscous liquids or solids; the cured resins are strong, solid polymers
Indirect Additives used in Food Contact Substances EPOXY RESINS
EPA Substance Registry System Epoxy resins (61788-97-4)

Phenolic epoxy resin Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Phenolic epoxy resin is a kind of phenolic resins modified at the phenolic hydroxyl group to include an epoxide functional group (usually a –CH2-(C2H3O) group, where -(C2H3O) is the three-membered epoxide ring). The added functionality of the phenolic resin increases the ability for the resin to crosslink, creating a stronger polymer with high resistivities.


Molding compounds; surface coatings; adhesives; laminating or reinforcing plastics


Phenolic epoxy resin is often used as coatings or resistive top coats for drums, pipes, floors, tanks and automotive parts. The high chemical and solvent resistivities and temperature compatibility of it is most useful in high-performance applications and corrosion resistance.

Health Hazard

The toxicity of epoxy resin systems results from the toxicity of the various components, each of which must be considered.

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phenolic epoxy resin Heloxy Modifier 48 Resin M EPX-125 EPU-618 EPCO-1031 Phenolic epoxy resin ISO 9001:2015 REACH Epoxide resin,E-44 Epoxide resin,E-51 TIANFU-CHEM Phenolic epoxy resin 61788-97-4 Resin epoxy 61788-97-4 19004-99-3