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bk-ebdp Properties

Boiling point 331.6±11.0 °C(Predicted)
Density 1.045±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
pka 10.54±0.19(Predicted)

bk-ebdp Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


Bk-EBDP Crystals is a chemical research compound that is classified as a stimulant. It is the N-ethyl analog of 1,3- benzodioxolylpentanamine (BDP; K), and the IUPAC name for bk-EBDP Crystals is (benzo[d][1,3]dioxo1-5-y1)-2-(ethylamino)pentan-1-one (Ephylone, BK-Ethyl-K, BK-EBDP), developed in the 1960s and firstly synthesized by Alexander Shulgin.
As a member of the phenethylamine chemical class, Bk-EBDP is a psychoactive drug which has been reported as a novel designer drug. It has been identified in some samples of powders sold as "ETHYL-K". Research result shows that Ephylone has similar effects with that of ethylone.


BK-EBDP is a new Research Chemical, and is part of the stimulants group. It is very similar to methylone, however the potency is much greater as that of its Methylone counterpart.Ephylone or bk-EBDP is part of the chemical class called phenethylamine and is a psychoactive drug. It is used as a psychedelic, stimulant, and as an entactogen. Alexander Shulgin is considered to be the one who first synthesized it. You can also find it by its market name, Ethyl-K.

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